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Integrated metrology ?? a market perspective

01 April 2007 | Edition 33, Wafer Processing
John West, VLSI Research, UK

Strain engineering push to the 32nm

01 December 2006 | Edition 32, Wafer Processing
Reza Arghavani, Hichem M’Saad, Ellie Yieh, Gary Miner & Satheesh Kuppurao, Applied Materials,
California, & Scott E. Thompson, University of Florida Read more >>

Deep trench metrology challenges for 75nm DRAM technology

01 December 2006 | Edition 32, Wafer Processing
Peter Weidner, Alexander Kasic, Thomas Hingst & Thomas Lindner, Qimonda Dresden, Germany Read more >>

Critical dimension metrology with small angle x-ray scattering

01 December 2006 | Edition 32, Wafer Processing
Eric K. Lin, Wen-li Wu, Ronald L. Jones & Chengqing Wang, NIST, USA
Kwang-Woo Choi, George M. Thompson & Bryan J. Rice, Intel Corp., USA

Using polymer deposition to control contact hole distortion at ?65nm

01 September 2006 | Edition 31, Wafer Processing
Judy Wang, Shing-Li Sung & Shawming Ma, Applied Materials, USA Read more >>

Post-etch residue and photoresist removal challenges for the 45 nm technology node and beyond

01 September 2006 | Edition 31, Wafer Processing
Paul W. Mertens, Guy Vereecke & Rita Vos, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium Read more >>

Dominance of silicon CMOS based semiconductor manufacturing beyond international technology roadmap

R. Singh, P. Chandran, M. Grujicic, K.F.Poole, U. Vingnani, S.R. Ganapathi, A. Swaminathan,
P. Jagannathan, & H. Iyer, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA Read more >>

Advanced junction fabrication challenges at the 45nm node

D. Lenoble, STMicroelectronics

Substrate cleaning and drying for semiconductor manufacturing

D. Martin Knotter, Philips Semiconductors, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, & Jagdish Prasad, AMI Semiconductor, Pocatello, Idaho, USA Read more >>

Current issues in defect detection and review: bevel-edge inspection and in-line elemental analysis

01 March 2006 | Edition 29, Wafer Processing
Dilip Patel, Intel assignee, ISMI, USA, & Milton Godwin, ISMI, Austin, Texas, USA Read more >>