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Lithography efficiency: a cost comparison model

By Sven Grünzig, Nemotek Technologie, Rabat, Morocco

The paper presents a calculation model and conclusions with focus on the comparison of low-throughput and high-throughput lithography clusters via an analysis of the lithography Cost of Ownership (COO) and applied data of the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and Overall Factory Efficiency (OFE). The report will show that the published documents up to today are not sufficient to prove that a higher throughput necessarily leads to an advantage of the manufacturing effectiveness and that it is necessary to calculate and adapt it onto the chip manufacturer’s requirements. It will show metrics and a methodology for fab planners and equipment engineers to calculate the needed cluster throughput and to optimize the lithography efficiency. Furthermore, the calculation model presents a flexible method to identify not only the key drivers to run an efficient production, but also to easily compare different scenarios. Two examples are shown, with models evaluated with real data. This study might also be applicable to other semiconductor processing steps.