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Edition 38: The permeation resistance of polymers

27 January 2009 | Edition 38, Materials and Gases
FT38By Chuck Extrand, Entegris, Chaska, Minnesota, USA - ABSTRACT - Polymers, commonly referred to as plastics, are widely used in the manufacturing of microelectronic devices. In addition to their many desirable properties, such as low cost, light weight, strength, ductility and ease of processing, polymers can be created free of metals and inorganic constituents that may interfere with sensitive clean room fabrication processes in multiple ways. For example, the loose molecular structure of polymers may allow the unwanted permeation of gases and simple liquids in fabrication facilities. This paper will provide a brief introduction to factors that influence permeation through polymers, discussing polymer structure background and its relation to permeation, and the influences of various polymer properties on permeation. Read more >>

Emerging materials in semiconductors

Mark Thirsk & Mike Corbett, Linx Consulting LLC, Massachusetts, USA Read more >>

High-k/metal gate materials and processes for 32nm technology

01 December 2007 | Edition 36, Materials and Gases
C. S. Park, G. Bersuker, S. C. Song, P. Kirsch & B. H. Lee, SEMATECH, Austin, Texas; R. Jammy, IBM assignee to SEMATECH

Memory material development at SEMATECH

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Materials and Gases
Paul Kirsch, S.C.Song, & Prashant Majhi, SEMATECH & Raj Jammy, IBM assignee to SEMATECH Read more >>

Effect of pump type on the health of various CMP slurries

By Mark R. Litchy, Donald C. Grant, CT Associates, Inc., USA and Reto Schoeb, Levitronix GmbH, Switzerland Read more >>

Challenges and approaches for introducing TMAl into R&D fab processing

By Don Baskin & Paul Scheibmeir, ATDF

CMP chemistry and materials challenges for ultra low-k integration

01 December 2006 | Edition 32, Materials and Gases
Robert L. Rhoades, Entrepix, Inc., Arizona, USA & Gautam Banerjee, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Arizona, USA

Application of electrochemical regenerated ion exchange to wastewater recycle, mixed acid wastes and

C.P. Jones, A.M. Pierce, B.R. Roberts, BOC Edwards, USA Read more >>

Advances in dual damascene copper deposition technologies

Robert Preisser, Atotech Deutschland, Berlin, Germany

in-line metrology and control of gas mixtures in semiconductor processing applications

01 December 2005 | Edition 28, Materials and Gases
Josep Arnó (ATMI Inc.) and Craig Printy (National Semiconductor) Read more >>