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PREVIEW: Edition 39: Technology transfer and ramp in a giant 300mm production fab

29 January 2009 | Edition 39, Fab Management
Fabtech CoverBy Ernst Richter et al - ABSTRACT - This article follows up on a previously published paper that introduced the 110nm technology transfer of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) for the Inotera Memories joint venture at start-up [1]. In this paper, technology transfer and ramp of the 75nm DRAM technology is outlined for Inotera in full production mode. Again, technology transfer was done from Qimonda (previously Infineon Technologies) at Dresden in Germany where the technology was jointly developed with Nanya Technologies. Inotera at Taoyuan in Taiwan was the first receiving site to repeat the technology qualification. Continuous sales price reduction puts pressure on memory firms for fast introduction of technology shrinks to remain cost competitive [2]. Delays as short as a few days in the production ramp can translate into millions of dollars of missed opportunity in revenue. This paper sets forth the steps taken by the two companies to avoid such setbacks in the technology transfer. Read more >>

Edition 38: Performance testing Manufacturing Execution System

26 January 2009 | Edition 38, Fab Management
FT38By Brandon Lee & Susanta Dash, CIMAC, San Jose, California, U.S. - ABSTRACT - Performance testing is carried out on an MES system to identify and eliminate bottlenecks that can potentially cause production outages and lost revenue in a semiconductor production fab. In a distributed system, bottlenecks can occur at the client site, within the server or in the  network. The MES system is the heart of the manufacturing operation and interacts with a number of other systems to support the manufacturing line in a fab. As production increases with ramping up of the production volume, the loads on the various systems that support the production also increase. This paper puts forward the potential benefits in applying the MES system for testing and validation of performance and scalability to measure the various key parameters, thus providing good ROI by early detection of potential problems. Read more >>

Refurbished equipment coming on the market

01 March 2008 | Edition 37, Fab Management
Dean W. Freeman, Gartner Dataquest, San Jose, California Read more >>

Enabling operational excellence through an integrated manufacturing IT baseline

01 July 2007 | Edition 35, Fab Management
By Reiner Missale, Qimonda AG, Germany

Time synchronization solutions

01 April 2007 | Edition 33, Fab Management
By Gino Crispieri, e-Manufacturing Project PMP, ISMI, Texas, USA Read more >>

Short-Interval Detailed Production scheduling in 300mm semiconductor manufacturing using Mixed In-te

01 December 2006 | Edition 32, Fab Management
Robert Bixby, ILOG Inc., & Rich Burda & David Miller, IBM, U.S.A.

Discussion topic: Interface A and the and the road to adoption

01 September 2006 | Edition 31, Fab Management
Discussion panel contributors include: Harvey Wohlwend, Manager International SEMATECH Manufacturing
Initiative, Mark Pendleton, Principal Software Architect, Asyst Technologies & Michael Arnold, Managing
Director and Program Manager fab services, PEER Group. Read more >>

The status and future of copper CMP technology and consumables need

01 June 2006 | Edition 30, Fab Management
Michael Corbett and Mark Thirsk, Linx Consulting LLC Read more >>

Discussion topic: Double Patterning technical concerns and its impact on fab operations

Walt Trybula, The Trybula Foundation Inc., & Brian Grenon, Grenon Consulting, Christian K. Kalus, President and Chief Technology Officer, SIGMA-C, Munich, Germany, Nigel Farrar, Vice President Lithography Applications, Cymer Inc., San Diego, CA, USA, Frank D. Masciocchi, Senior Vice President of Sales and
Marketing, Litel Instruments, San Diego, CA, USA, Martin McCullum, Programme Manager, Advanced Lithography Development, Nikon Precision Europe, Mircea Dusa, Senior Scientist & ASML Fellow, ASML, The Netherlands, & Rainer Pforr, Principal Engineer, Future Lithography, Infineon Technologies, Dresden, Germany Read more >>

increasing factory efficiency: an in-depth look at tool- and wafer-level control

01 December 2005 | Edition 28, Fab Management
Matthew Purdy, Advanced Micro Devices