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Full copper electrochemical mechanical planarization (Ecmp) as a technology enabler for the 45nm

M. Mellier, T. Berger, R. Duru, O. Hinsinger & G. Wyborn, STMicroelectronics, France; M. Rivoire, CEA–LETI, France & K-L. Chang, Y. Wang, V. Ripoche, S. Tsai & M. Thothadri, Applied Materials, USA Read more >>

External resistance: a paradigm shift in approaching strain engineering

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Wafer Processing
R. Arghavani, A. M. Noori, A. Gelatos, A. Khandelwal, S. Gandikota &
S. Felch, Applied Materials, California, USA, & S. E. Thompson, University of Florida, USA Read more >>

Defect monitoring on memory devices using broadband brightfield inspection

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Wafer Processing
Uwe Seifert & Carlos Mata, Qimonda AG, Dresden, Germany; Thomas Trautzsch & Martin Tuckermann, KLA-Tencor GmbH, Dresden, Germany; Aneesh Khullar, Jorge Fernandez & Catherine Perry-Sullivan, KLA-Tencor Corporation, California, USA

Point-of-use abatement of tool exhaust emissions: a technology overview

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Cleanroom
Walter F. Worth, International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative, USAa Read more >>

Evaluation of process and cleaning chemistry with vacuum for semiconductor and flat panel display

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Critical Components
Sang Hyun Park, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, USA

Defect metrology in water immersion ArF lithography

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Lithography
Uzodinma Okoroanyanwu, AMD, USA; Remo Kirsch & Marcel Grundkowski, AMD Fab 36, Germany; Rene Wirtz & Wolfram Grundke, AMD Saxony LLC, Germany Read more >>

Memory material development at SEMATECH

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Materials and Gases
Paul Kirsch, S.C.Song, & Prashant Majhi, SEMATECH & Raj Jammy, IBM assignee to SEMATECH Read more >>

Plasma-induced low-k modification and its impact on reliability.

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Wafer Processing
By Zsolt TÅ?kei, Mikhail Baklanov, Ivan Ciofi, Yunlong Li & Adam Urbanowicz, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium Read more >>

Infrared metrology for shallow recess structures in deep trench DRAM

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Wafer Processing
By Michael Gostein, John Byrnes, Alex Mazurenko & Tony Bonanno, Advanced Metrology Systems; Peter Weidner & Alexander Kasic, Qimonda Dresden, Germany;
Philip Abromitis, Qimonda Richmond, USA

Enabling operational excellence through an integrated manufacturing IT baseline

01 July 2007 | Edition 35, Fab Management
By Reiner Missale, Qimonda AG, Germany