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Design, testing, and manufacture of fast-switching valves for high-productivity ALD

By William Glime, Swagelok Company, Ohio, and Tom Seidel, Genus, Inc., California Read more >>

Study of Ni-silicide contacts to Si:C source/drain

Y. Chob, F. Nourib, R. Schreutelkamp & Y. Kim, Applied Materials Inc., CA, USA, &
S. Mertens, P. Verheyen, J. Steenbergen, C. Vrancken, O. Richard, Z. Tökei, A. Lauwers, H. Bender, B. Van Daele, W. Vandervorst, L. Geenen, P. Absil, S. Kubicek & C. Demeurisse, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium Read more >>

SPM techniques for carrier profiling at advanced technology nodes

Vito Raineri, Filippo Giannazzo, CNR-IMM, Catania, Italy, & Raffaele Mucciato, 2M Strumenti, Roma, Italy Read more >>

Sidewall metrology technologies for 32nm node and beyond

Johann Foucher, CEA/LETI-MINATEC, France

Immersion photoresist qualification

Monique Ercken, Roel Gronheid, Ivan Pollentier & Philippe Leray, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium Read more >>