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Measurement of conservation of energy by semiconductor manufacturing equipment and setting of target

01 March 2007 | Edition 29, EHS | Comments (1)
Philip Naughton, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. Assignee at SEMATECH, Austin, Texas, USA Read more >>

Rapid tool installation: a process for all concerned

01 March 2006 | Edition 29, Cleanroom
Kandi Collier, Intel Corporation, USA, Don Yeamen, M+W Zander, USA, Nick de Vries, Applied Materials, USA, Arnold Canales, Kinetics, USA, Dr Allan Chasey, Arizona State University, USA Read more >>

Reducing chiller system power consumption at PSC 12A

01 March 2006 | Edition 29, EHS
Chin-Tsao Yang, Shu-Hou Wang, Milton Li, Wu-Hsiung Fu, & Max Chen, Facility department, Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation Read more >>

Discussion topic: Double Patterning technical concerns and its impact on fab operations

Walt Trybula, The Trybula Foundation Inc., & Brian Grenon, Grenon Consulting, Christian K. Kalus, President and Chief Technology Officer, SIGMA-C, Munich, Germany, Nigel Farrar, Vice President Lithography Applications, Cymer Inc., San Diego, CA, USA, Frank D. Masciocchi, Senior Vice President of Sales and
Marketing, Litel Instruments, San Diego, CA, USA, Martin McCullum, Programme Manager, Advanced Lithography Development, Nikon Precision Europe, Mircea Dusa, Senior Scientist & ASML Fellow, ASML, The Netherlands, & Rainer Pforr, Principal Engineer, Future Lithography, Infineon Technologies, Dresden, Germany Read more >>

Litho metrology challenges for the 45nm technology node and beyond

01 March 2006 | Edition 29, Lithography
John A. Allgair, Freescale assignee to International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), Austin, TX, USA, Benjamin D. Bunday, Mike Bishop & Pete Lipscomb, International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), Austin, TX, USA Read more >>

Substrate cleaning and drying for semiconductor manufacturing

D. Martin Knotter, Philips Semiconductors, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, & Jagdish Prasad, AMI Semiconductor, Pocatello, Idaho, USA Read more >>

Current issues in defect detection and review: bevel-edge inspection and in-line elemental analysis

01 March 2006 | Edition 29, Wafer Processing
Dilip Patel, Intel assignee, ISMI, USA, & Milton Godwin, ISMI, Austin, Texas, USA Read more >>

Copper deposition: challenges at 32nm

01 March 2006 | Edition 29, Wafer Processing
Dr P.H. Haumesser, Dr S. Maîtrejean & A. Roule, CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France, Dr G. Passemard, STMicroelectronics, Crolles Cedex, France Read more >>