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Mass flow controller installation on advanced wet-bench model: benefits and developments

Giuseppe Fazio & Massimo Strada, ST Microelectronics, Central R&D, Agrate Brianza, Italy Read more >>

Best practices for wafer-fab cycle-time management ‚?? tool uptime

01 June 2004 | Edition 22, Fab Management
Jennifer K. Robinson, FabTime Inc., Menlo Park, CA, USA Read more >>

Real-time profile control: advanced process control for copper CMP

01 June 2004 | Edition 22, Fab Management
Doyle Bennett, Jimin Zhang, Bogdan Swedek, Jeff David & Manush Birang, Applied Materials, CMP Division, Sunnyvale, CA, USA & Dick de Roover, SC Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA, USA Read more >>

Optical lithography: the long goodbye

01 June 2004 | Edition 22, Lithography
Mark Osborne, Editor-in-Chief, Semiconductor Fabtech

Metrology challenges for the photolithography masks

01 June 2004 | Edition 22, Lithography
M. Dilger, F. Gans & J.H. Peters, Advanced Mask Technology Center GmbH & Co. KG, Dresden, Germany Read more >>

Immersion fluids for lithography: refractive index measurement using prism minimum deviation techniq

01 June 2004 | Edition 22, Lithography
Ron A. Synowicki, Greg K. Pribil, Gerry Cooney, Craig M. Herzinger & Steven E. Green, J.A. Woollam Co., Inc. 645 M Street, Suite 102, Lincoln, NE, USA, Roger H. French, Min K. Yang, M.F. Lemon, DuPont Co Central Research, E356-384, Wilmington, DE, USA, John H. Burnett & Simon Kaplan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Atomic Physics Division, 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, MD, USA Read more >>

Materials and processes for high-k gate stacks

C.M. Osburn, A. Kingon, G. Lucovsky, J.P. Maria, V. Misra & G. Parsons, North Carolina State University, USA, S.A. Campbell, University of Minnesota,USA, E. Eisenbraun, University of Albany, USA, E. Garfunkel & T. Gustafson, Rutgers University, USA, D. L. Kwong & J. Lee, University of Texas at Austin, USA, T.P. Ma,Yale University, USA, D. Schlom, Penn State University, USA, & S. Stemmer,UC Santa Barbara, USA Read more >>

Plasma‚??surface interactions in patterning high-k dielectric materials

Jane P. Chang & Lin Sha*, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
*Currently at Intel Corporation, Oregon.

Millisecond annealing techniques for ultra-shallow junction formation

P. J. Timans & N. Acharya, Mattson Technology, Fremont, CA, USA Read more >>