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Measuring Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) on Complex Semiconductor Cluster Tools

01 March 2002 | Edition 16, Fab Management
SAL DIIORIO, Brooks Automation Inc, Chelmsford, MA, USA JIM IRWIN, Irwin Consulting, Austin, TX, USA THOMAS POMORSKI, Productivity Management Associates, Windham, ME, USA Read more >>

Chasing the $100 million Fab Automation Business

01 March 2002 | Edition 16, Fab Management
BY MARK OSBORNE

Technology Nodes Below 130nm: A Breakthrough in Mask Data Processing

01 March 2002 | Edition 16, Lithography
CORINNE MIRAMOND, DOMINIQUE GOUBIER & MICHAEL CHOMAT, STMicroelectronics, Crolles, France YORICK TROUILLER, LETI-CEA, France YVES RODY, Philips Semiconductors, France OLIVIER TOUBLAN, Mentor Graphics Read more >>

Selected Implications of Photoresist Processing in 300mm Manufacturing

01 March 2002 | Edition 16, Lithography
KAY LEDERER, STEFFEN HORNIG & RALF SCHUSTER, Infineon Technologies SC300, Dresden, Germany Read more >>

Parting with the Bridgman Method for 157nm Fluoride Crystal Technology

01 March 2002 | Edition 16, Lithography
KIRIL A. PANDELISEV, Single Crystal Technologies, Gilbert, AZ, USA Read more >>

Novel Electronic Coatings Using Liquid CO2

01 March 2002 | Edition 16, Lithography
ERIK N. HOGGAN, BRIAN J. NOVICK & RUBEN G. CARBONELL, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA JOSEPH M. DESIMONE, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, USA Read more >>

100nm Generation Contact Patterning by Low Temperature 193nm Resist Reflow Process

01 March 2002 | Edition 16, Lithography
VEERLE VAN DRIESSCHE & GROZDAN GROZEV, Assignees of ARCH Chemicals N.V. to IMEC’s 193nm Lithography Programme KEVIN LUCAS, Motorola, Austin, TX, USA FRIEDA VAN ROEY, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium PLAMEN TZVIATKOV, ARCH Chemicals N.V., Zwijndrecht, Belgium Read more >>

Modular Gas Systems provide Versatility, Serviceability, and Ease of Assembly

JOHN BAXTER, Swagelok Company, Solon, OH, USA

Chemical Management Services: Case Study in the Semiconductor Industry

DARCY WHALEY, Chemical Strategies Partnership, San Francisco, CA, USA WILLIAM KOHNEN, Analog Devices, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA Read more >>