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Special valve configurations and evolutions for new ALD precursors

John Baxter, Swagelok Company, Solon, OH, USA

The effect of HCl permeaton through PFA on expected component life

Don Grant & Debra Carrieri, CT Associated, Inc., Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA Read more >>

Qualification of components for high purity water, chemical and slurry systems

01 December 2007 | Critical Components | Comments (3)
Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates, Inc., Minnesota, USA Read more >>

Evaluation of process and cleaning chemistry with vacuum for semiconductor and flat panel display

01 September 2007 | Edition 35, Critical Components
Sang Hyun Park, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, USA

Design, testing, and manufacture of fast-switching valves for high-productivity ALD

By William Glime, Swagelok Company, Ohio, and Tom Seidel, Genus, Inc., California Read more >>

UPW contaminants effects and purification technologies for emerging immersion optical lithography

By Bipin Parekh, Michael Clarke, Annie Xia & Joseph Smith, Entegris, U.S. Read more >>

Discussion topic: latest developments in EUV light sources

01 December 2006 | Edition 32, Critical Components
Discussion panel contributors include: Dr. Vivek Bakshi, SEMATECH, Austin, Texas, USA, Dr. Martin
McCallum, Manager, Advanced Lithography and Technology, Nikon Precision Europe GmbH, & Dr. Vadim
Banine, ASML, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Cost of Ownership Challenges in Front-End Thermal Processes

01 December 2006 | Edition 32, Critical Components
Alan Levine, Wright Williams & Kelly, USA

Alternative high purity polymer piping materials for semiconductor facilities

01 September 2006 | Edition 31, Critical Components
Andreas Neuber, M+W Zander, Germany

New SEMI Standards for stainless steel welding best practice

Sunniva Collins, Ph.D., Swagelok Company, USA