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Meeting the doping challenges: the case for plasma doping

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Jose I. Del Agua, Tze Poon, Pete Porshnev $ Majeed Foad, Applied Materials, Inc., Santa Clara, California; Malgorzata Jurczak, Jean-Luc Everaert & Wilfrid Vandervorst, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium


Plasma doping can be implemented as an alternative doping technology to ion implantation, and it is a process in which we have demonstrated production-worthy process uniformity and repeatability.

One of the key steps in chip fabrication, ion implantation, involves the generation, acceleration and transport of ion beams of a defined dopand such as boron (8) or phosphorous (P). The industry challenge that advances implant technology I  the need to physically scale the vertical and lateral dimensions of transistors to enable higher performance processors and higher capacity memory. For implant, this requires reducing the implant energy for shallower junctions and increasing the implanted dose to maintain an acceptable level of sheet resistance (RS).

This study addresses the development of a new generation of plasma-based doping equipment that addresses the demand for extremely high doses with a production worthy throughput and provides new conformal doping capability.


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