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ALD developments, challenges and emerging applications for current and advanced technologies

01 March 2008 | Edition 37, Wafer Processing
Eric Eisenbraun, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), The University of Albany, New York, USA Read more >>

Refurbished equipment coming on the market

01 March 2008 | Edition 37, Fab Management
Dean W. Freeman, Gartner Dataquest, San Jose, California Read more >>

Shallow probe metrology

01 March 2008 | Edition 37, Wafer Processing
Addressing the challenges in elemental composition, thickness determination, and dopant dosimetry from FE to BE

Mona P. Moret, Chrystel Hombourger, Francois Desse, Rabah Bengbalagh, Valerie Paret & Michel Schuhmacher, CAMECA, France Read more >>

High-k/metal gate materials and processes for 32nm technology

01 December 2007 | Edition 36, Materials and Gases
C. S. Park, G. Bersuker, S. C. Song, P. Kirsch & B. H. Lee, SEMATECH, Austin, Texas; R. Jammy, IBM assignee to SEMATECH

Prospects of incorporating directed self-assembly into semiconductor manufacturing

01 December 2007 | Edition 36, Lithography
R. Singh, T. Boland, R. Mulye, G. Gaur, J.Steelman, D. Arya, N. Srinidhi and P.Deshmukh, Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Center for Silicon Nanoelectronics, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA Read more >>

Developing micro ADI methodology for new litho process monitoring strategies

01 December 2007 | Edition 36, Lithography
KLA-Tencor and Qimonda

Front End surface preparation comes of age

01 December 2007 | Edition 36, Wafer Processing
Dave Chapek, Semitool, Montana, USA

X-ray metrology tool for new device materials and structures

01 December 2007 | Edition 36, Wafer Processing
Dr. Paul Ryan, Bede X-Ray Metrology plc, Durham, England Read more >>

Qualification of components for high purity water, chemical and slurry systems

01 December 2007 | Critical Components | Comments (3)
Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates, Inc., Minnesota, USA Read more >>

Full copper electrochemical mechanical planarization (Ecmp) as a technology enabler for the 45nm

M. Mellier, T. Berger, R. Duru, O. Hinsinger & G. Wyborn, STMicroelectronics, France; M. Rivoire, CEA–LETI, France & K-L. Chang, Y. Wang, V. Ripoche, S. Tsai & M. Thothadri, Applied Materials, USA Read more >>