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New Product: Applied Materials employs ‚??virtual sensors‚?? in new APC platform

22 June 2006 | Wafer Processing
AMATProduct Briefing Outline: Applied Materials, has launched ‘NeXus SPC' its next generation advanced process control software and hardware, used exclusively on a range of Applied's 300mm process tools. The new diagnostic tool performs split-second analysis of process conditions which is critical information that can increase system uptime and yield, protect wafers from process drift and enable more cost-effective maintenance schedules. Currently, Applied customers employ the NeXus platform on more than 350 of its process systems worldwide. Read more >>

New Product: Entrepix starts ‚??FastForward‚?? CMP foundry service

19 June 2006 | Wafer Processing
EnteprixProduct Briefing Outline: Entrepix' has launched its CMP ‘FastForward' foundry service that the company claims is the most extensive portfolio of CMP (chemical mechanical processing) processes, foundry services and equipment offerings to meet the semiconductor industry's rapidly growing interest in the Fab-Light manufacturing model. Read more >>

New Product: Cost sensitive thin film metrology systems from Rudolph Technologies

05 June 2006 | Wafer Processing
RudolphProduct Briefing Outline: Rudolph Technologies, has launched both the ‘S3000' and ‘S2000' ellipsometry-based metrology systems designed to provide high throughput, cost-effective measurements of thin transparent films in volume production environments. Read more >>

New Product: AP&S produces flexible wet bench with plug & run capability

24 May 2006 | Wafer Processing
AP&SProduct Briefing Outline: AP&S GmbH has launched its 2006 ‘MultiStep' automated wet bench. The platform, covers all applications for wet etching, layer thinning, surface cleaning and layer stripping of various materials and is claimed to offer a small footprint coupled to user-friendliness and reliability. Read more >>

New Product: KLA-Tencor’s magnetic metrology system improves early process detection control

12 May 2006 | Wafer Processing
KLAProduct Briefing Outline: KLA-Tencor has unveiled the ‘MRW3', its third-generation magnetic metrology system for the hard disk drive (HDD) and semiconductor memory markets.  Based on the ‘MRW200' platform, the MRW3 measures the magnetic properties of HDD recording heads and magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) on product wafers for production control and early detection of process issues that could adversely impact yield. The MRW3 system has completed an extensive beta evaluation at one of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturing companies, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: X-ray metrology tool from Bede can detect crystallographic abnormalities within wafers

18 April 2006 | Wafer Processing
Product Briefing Outline: Bede X-ray Metrology, has announce the launch of a new Wafer Edge Defect Inspection capability using its patented ‘BedeScan' defect inspection system.  The system is designed to look at process induced defects on the surface of the wafer, but crucially it can also detect crystallographic abnormalities inside the wafer which can lead to wafer breakage, and, therefore, problems with device yield, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: E25 from Rudolph automates defect classification at the bevel-edge

30 March 2006 | Wafer Processing
RudolphProduct Briefing Outline: Rudolph Technologies, has launched the ‘E25' Wafer Edge Inspection System, a second generation replacement for August Technology's E20 System and the latest addition to its suite of "all-surface" inspection tools. Read more >>

New Product: KLA-Tencor‚??s new brightfield inspection tool has 2x faster data rate capture

09 March 2006 | Wafer Processing
KLAProduct Briefing Outline: KLA- Tencor has launched its fifth-generation broadband UV/visible brightfield inspection system. The 2367 is claimed to deliver increased sensitivity and a 2x faster data rate to help chipmakers sample more frequently and capture critical layer defects earlier. The system is designed to work with KLA-Tencor's 2800 Series full-spectrum DUV/UV/visible brightfield inspection platform, the 2367 enables a mix-and-match inspection strategy that is claimed to provide the lowest overall cost of inspection for next-generation IC manufacturing. According to the company the 2367 is running in production at several 90-nm and 65-nm fabs worldwide. Read more >>

New Product: KLA-Tencor‚??s Viper upgrade provides wider defect range & faster throughput

17 February 2006 | Wafer Processing
KLAProduct Briefing Outline: KLA-Tencor has unveiled the Viper 2435 automated dispositioning system. The Viper 2435 is designed to capture the broadest range of critical defects while filtering out nuisance, enabling it to deliver quick go/no-go indicators that allow chipmakers to take corrective action before excursions become costly yield problems. Designed to provide high dispositioning accuracy at high throughput, the company claims a 67 percent lower cost of ownership than manual inspection alternatives. Read more >>