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New Product: Matera‚??s new automated SENTRY analyses harsh chemistries in fab

07 June 2006 | Materials and Gases
MateraProduct Briefing Outline: Metara has introduced the ‘SENTRY' Harsh Chemistry Metrology (HCM) system that the company claims is the first of its kind to be able in fully automated mode to analyze harsh ultra-pure chemicals for metallic contamination excursions. Read more >>

New Product: Alternative to hydroxylamine based resist etch residue remover

24 May 2006 | Materials and Gases
BakerProduct Briefing Outline: Mallinckrodt Baker has introduced its ‘ALEG-380' photoresist stripper and residue remover as a cost-effective alternative to hydroxylamine-based chemistries in aluminum IC manufacturing processes. ALEG-380 is 100% water-soluble formulation that does not require an intermediate rinse, helping fabs improve yields and reduce manufacturing costs. Read more >>