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New Product: Post etch residue remover from Applied Chemical Laboratories cuts time and costs

07 December 2007 | Materials and Gases
Residue SolventProduct Briefing Outline: Applied Chemical Laboratories has introduced ‘ACL-585 HiPER-Solv’ (patents pending), a high performance etch residue solvent that is claimed to realize a significant improvement in removal of post-etch hardened polymers and polymer residue from metal and via etch processes when compared with conventional hydroxylamine or solvent-amine products. ACL-585 is specifically formulated for advanced sub-90 nm design rules that incorporate high density plasma etch. The solvent is new non-corrosive and environmentally benign. Read more >>

New Product: Tiger Optics‚?? new HALO+ CRDS analyzer covers widest dynamic range

06 September 2007 | Materials and Gases
TigerProduct Briefing Outline: Tiger Optics has recently unveiled the HALO+, a mini-Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) analyzer capable of measuring moisture from 200 parts-per-trillion to 20 parts-per-million levels. It offers similar dynamic range for other detections as well.  An evolution of the compact HALO analyzer, the new HALO+ is equally small, but offers greater sensitivity, and communication, analysis, and trending capabilities comparable to Tiger's flagship LaserTrace and MTO analyzers. Read more >>

New Product: Cabot develops highly tunable B6600 barrier slurry for advanced Cu/low-k

21 August 2007 | Materials and Gases
CabotProduct Briefing Outline: Cabot Microelectronics has claimed a major breakthrough in its CMP technology with improvements to its B6600 platform of barrier CMP slurries for advanced technology nodes. B6600 barrier slurry platform is tunable, enabling the products to be easily customized to deliver improved planarity and defect performance across a wide range of integration schemes. The B6600 barrier slurry products are being produced and used worldwide for technology nodes from 90nm through 45nm, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: ORION Helium ion microscope from Carl Zeiss SMT breaks new ground in microscopy

ORIONProduct Briefing Outline: Carl Zeiss SMT has officially launched the ‘ORION' Helium ion microscope based on proprietary intellectual property developed by ALIS Corporation, a Peabody, Massachusetts-based start-up company acquired by Carl Zeiss SMT in 2006. According to Carl Zeiss SMT, this new microscope is capable of providing images of unrivalled high resolution, surface information and material contrast, unachievable with any other microscopy instrument available today. Read more >>

New Product: Ferro‚??s new ILD slurry eliminates reverse mask etch-back steps

05 July 2007 | Materials and Gases
FerroProduct Briefing Outline: Ferro Electronic Material Systems has introduced a patent-pending self-stopping chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurry for Inner Layer Dielectric (ILD) materials. Ferro claims the new slurry provides planarization efficiency of > 95% with an increased over-polish window and eliminates the need for endpoint detection.  ‘SureStop' 8500 offers improved efficiency and uniformity with lower defectivity compared to standard ILD CMP slurries and is now being used to simplify planarization processes that employ reverse mask etchback steps. Read more >>

New Product: Ferro‚??s new formulated ceria slurry targets 65nm STI processes

22 June 2007 | Materials and Gases
FerroProduct Briefing Outline: Ferro Electronic Material Systems has formulated patented high selectivity shallow trench isolation (STI) CMP slurries with an optimized low defectivity ceria particle that enable high-yield processes for next-generation devices.  ‘TruPlane™ 8272' is performing successfully in high-volume manufacturing of 65nm technology Flash devices, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: New tungsten slurries from Cabot combat edge-over-erosion

19 June 2007 | Materials and Gases
CabotProduct Briefing Outline: Cabot Microelectronics has claimed a major breakthrough in its CMP technology with the ‘WIN' platform of tungsten (W) CMP slurries for advanced technology nodes. The WIN product line is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly as it is based on hydrogen peroxide technology. The product platform is composed of two main product classes: ‘WIN W7000' and ‘WIN W7300.' Read more >>

New Product: BOC Edwards aims HELIOS 6 at high-flow gas abatement requirements

01 June 2007 | Materials and Gases
BOCProduct Briefing Outline: BOC Edwards has introduced the ‘HELIOS 6' gas abatement solution that uses its unique inward-fired combustion technology for high hydrogen flow processes, such as Si and SiGe epitaxy, LPCVD tungsten and compound semiconductor MOCVD. Both the HELIOS product line and the proprietary inward-fired combustor technology that it incorporates are well-established industry standards. BOC Edwards has installed hundreds of HELIOS systems and thousands of combustors worldwide. Read more >>

New Product: ATMI‚??s RegenSi wafer reclaim offers shorter etch times for 300mm wafers

19 April 2007 | Materials and Gases
ATMIProduct Briefing Outline: ATMI has introduced a new product line for 300mm wafer reclaim applications called ‘RegenSi Wafer Reclaim Solutions.' ATMI's formulas are designed for dielectric removal and are semi-aqueous, fluoride-based solutions with low viscosity, and are therefore easily rinsed with water. They are designed to work with either batch or single wafer spray tools. Read more >>

New Product: Toshiba & partners use electrolyzed sulfuric acid for resist stripping

19 February 2007 | Materials and Gases
ToshibaProduct Briefing Outline: Toshiba Corporation, Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation and Chlorine Engineers Corp. have co-developed an innovative semiconductor resist stripping technology that employs electrolyzed sulfuric acid. It is the first time that electrolyzed sulfuric acid has been applied to resist stripping, according to the companies. The partners have already developed a single-wafer resist-stripping system that will be integrated into the resist-stripping process at Toshiba's Yokkaichi Operations in April 2007. Read more >>