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New Product: ‚??ACuPLANE‚?? copper barrier CMP solution from Rohm and Haas targets reduced defectivi

12 December 2008 | Materials and Gases
‘ACuPLANE’ Copper (Cu) Barrier CMP Solution Product Briefing Outline: Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials have introduced the ‘ACuPLANE’ Copper (Cu) Barrier CMP Solution for advanced Cu/low-k interconnect applications. The ACuPLANE system combines Rohm and Haas’s ‘EcoVision’ 4000 CMP Pad and ACuPLANE 5000 Series slurries to deliver a tunable CMP system that meets the stringent requirements of advanced process nodes. Read more >>

New Product: SAFC Hitech ready with phase change memory precursors

09 September 2008 | Materials and Gases
PSMProduct Briefing Outline: SAFC Hitech has made significant progress in developing Germanium Antimony Telluride (GexSbyTez or GST) precursors for use in high volume manufacturing phase change memory (PCM) applications. Extensive development work has been conducted with both the precursors and with the use of conventional Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) techniques to deposit them, resulting in the successful deposition of device-quality GST. Read more >>

New Product: Air Products offers on-site xenon recovery

14 August 2008 | Materials and Gases
Air ProductsProduct Briefing Outline: Air Products and Chemicals has introduced its new ‘XeCovery’ on-site xenon recovery service for the semiconductor and MEMS industries. Xenon has a number of unique properties that have attracted a variety of industries to use this atom, including semiconductor manufacturing. With demand and prices on the rise, there is a growing concern that cost will hamper its applicability. Air Products uses its patented Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) technology as a means for recovering xenon from effluent gas streams. Read more >>

New Product: Matheson‚??s ‚??PICO-TRAP‚?? results in less than 20 ppb gas purity levels

28 July 2008 | Materials and Gases
MathesonProduct Briefing Outline: Matheson Tri-Gas Electronics has introduced its patented ‘PICO-TRAP’ Ultra-Purification System for removing volatile metal impurities and moisture from critical process gases used by semiconductor manufacturers. The PICO-TRAP System combines the principles of chemisorption and physisorption to achieve higher levels of process gas purity than by conventional purification technologies, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: SAFC Hitech now offers bulk vapor deposition distribution for MOCVD systems

05 June 2008 | Materials and Gases
SAFCProduct Briefing Outline: SAFC Hitech has introduced the ‘EpiVapor’, a metalorganic vapor phase distribution system for compound semiconductor manufacturing. EpiVapor is designed to eliminate the need for localized tool bubblers and TCUs by delivering vapors from highly volatile and sensitive pyrophoric liquids directly to MOCVD systems. Read more >>

New Product: SAFC Hitech‚??s OM700 enables efficient organometallic precursor delivery

03 June 2008 | Materials and Gases
SAFCProduct Briefing Outline: SAFC Hitech has introduced the OM700, a bubbler that offers a cost-efficient migration path to controlled precursor delivery for larger lot sizes, enabling a reduction in process downtime, combined with increased safety controls. Read more >>

New Product: Veeco offers real-time material property mapping for AFMs

02 June 2008 | Materials and Gases
VeecoProduct Briefing Outline: Veeco Instruments has introduced the ‘HarmoniX’, a powerful new atomic force microscope (AFM) technique for high-resolution nanoscale imaging and analysis. Veeco’s HarmoniX Nanoscale Material Property Mapping enables AFM users to simultaneously, and in real-time, acquire high-resolution images as well as high-resolution, quantitative material property maps. This technique is effective for characterization of soft materials, thin films, small particles, or domains within a bulk solid. Read more >>

New Product: Edwards‚?? iXH vacuum pump series handles sub-60nm harsh process environments

14 May 2008 | Materials and Gases
EdwardsProduct Briefing Outline: Edwards has introduced the new iXH series of vacuum pumps, used for harsh process environments. Designed to meet the increasing demands of the emerging processes required for semiconductor manufacturing at 60nm and smaller design rules, the iXH is designed to help reduce tool cost-of-ownership (CoO) with a smaller footprint than previous generations, and also features a modular design that enables a quicker response to emerging process requirements. Read more >>

New Product: Levitronix‚??s ‚??BPS 600‚?? maglev pumps eliminate CMP slurry particle agglomeration

14 May 2008 | Materials and Gases
LevitronixProduct Briefing Outline: Levitronix has introduced the new ‘BPS 600’ magnetically levitated pump technology, designed for demanding applications in the semiconductor industry such as CMP slurry delivery, copper electroplating and wafer cleaning at leading-edge process nodes. The patented impeller floats in a magnetic field only touching the fluid it is pumping, and can be fully integrated into a fully-closed loop electronic control system without the need of additional controller hardware. Read more >>

New Product: VisionPad 5000 from Rohm and Haas reduces CMP scratch and chatter marks

31 January 2008 | Materials and Gases
RohmProduct Briefing Outline: Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials’ CMPTechnologies division has introduced the ‘VisionPad’ 5000 CMP pad, specifically designed for defectivity reduction in shallow trench isolation (STI) and interlayer dielectric (ILD) applications. The new pad targets volume manufacturing of memory and logic chips at 65nm and below. Read more >>