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New Product: Scanner Match Maker from KLA-Tencor and Nikon solve overlay errors in mixed strategies

10 December 2007 | Lithography
KLAProduct Briefing Outline: KLA-Tencor and Nikon Corporation have collaborated to develop a set of fully automated overlay correction control system tools called Scanner Match Maker (SMM). Chipmakers can use the tool set to correct overlay errors common to “mix and match” lithography strategies that use lithography tools of varying capabilities and from different suppliers. The SMM technology is aimed at elevating performance of all scanners, enabling chipmakers to reduce their dedication of leading-edge scanners to specific layers, thus cutting overall lithography tool costs at more advanced nodes and extending the lifetime of lithography tools. Read more >>

New Product: TOK and Dow Corning develop bilayer photoresist for sub-45nm DRAM production

05 December 2007 | Lithography
DOWProduct Briefing Outline: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (TOK) and Dow Corning Electronics have jointly developed bilayer photoresist used for DRAM production applications. The new bilayer photoresist uses a Dow Corning silicon polymer in the imaging layer to provide better etch selectivity than other products on the market today, the company claims. Dow Corning and TOK have had a joint development agreement since 2002 to develop advanced silicon-based photolithography materials. Read more >>

New Product: SOKUDO‚??s new RF3T system pushes 200wph throughput

03 December 2007 | Lithography
SokudoProduct Briefing Outline: SOKUDO has introduced its new RF3T system - the company's highest productivity, lowest cost-of-ownership (CoO) coat/develop track system targeted for the full range of lithography applications. This system significantly extends the capabilities of SOKUDO's established RF3 platform to achieve world-class 200 wafer per hour (wph) throughput, keeping pace with the fastest lithography scanners while maintaining process transparency. Read more >>

New Product: Cymer‚??s new ‚??Gas Lifetime eXtension‚?? upgrade offers 10x better gas exchanges

29 November 2007 | Lithography
CymerProduct Briefing Outline: Cymer has introduced the Gas Lifetime eXtension (GLX) product. A stand-alone upgrade for new and installed XLA laser systems, GLX is designed to increase scanner output and availability by extending the time between excimer laser gas exchanges by a factor of 10.  Problem: Memory device makers have particularly high system utilization and require high levels of system uptime and availability. Laser gas exchanges typically occur two to three times each week (or every 100M pulses), with each exchange lasting approximately 20 minutes. Scanner downtime from frequent gas exchanges is reduced - with a GLX-enabled laser - by a factor of 10. Read more >>

New Product: Mentor Graphics offers Cell computing power for RET/OPC optimization

29 November 2007 | Lithography
MPUProduct Briefing Outline: Mentor Graphics Corporation has launched ‘Calibre nmOPC,' a third-generation optical proximity correction (OPC) tool for sub-65nm process technologies. Calibre nmOPC tool combined with OPC verification tool, ‘Calibre OPCverify' is designed to provide simulation accuracy with the highest performance and lowest cost of ownership in the industry, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: Pyxis‚?? NexusRoute auto router is DFM-aware and yield-driven

25 September 2007 | Lithography
PyxisProduct Briefing Outline: Pyxis Technology has introduced NexusRoute, the only DFM-aware, yield-driven auto router, according to the company. The software comprehends and optimizes manufacturability and yield concurrently with the actual routing and timing closure process. Architected for process technologies of 65nm and below, it is claimed to reduce design closure and manufacturing cycle time and increase chip yield by as much as 10 percent. Read more >>

New Product: Brion supports ASML‚??s Double Dipole Lithography technology

19 September 2007 | Lithography
BrionProduct Briefing Outline: Brion Technologies, an ASML company, has added significant options to two key product lines, Tachyon OPC+ and LithoCruiser. Combined with the recent shipments of high NA immersion scanners, Tachyon OPC+ version 7.06 and LithoCruiser version 2.2 are specifically designed to further enhance the accurate representation and optimization of today’s most advanced scanners for critical process development of memory and logic applications. Read more >>

New Product: Cymer‚??s 90W XLR 600i laser designed for immersion and Double Patterning

13 September 2007 | Lithography
CymerProduct Briefing Outline: Cymer has introduced the XLR 600i offering 90 watts of output power at the 193nm wavelength.  The XLR 600i is the first 90W argon fluoride (ArF) laser light source designed to enable volume immersion and Double Patterning (DP) lithography at the 32nm node and beyond.  The 6kHz XLR600i produces improved pulse energy stability, resulting in improved critical dimension (CD) control required for the most critical imaging layers at memory, logic and foundry chipmakers. Read more >>

New Product: Voltaire and Synopsys offer HPC for mask prep cycle-time reduction

11 September 2007 | Lithography
TSMCProduct Briefing Outline: Voltaire and Synopsys are developing a high-performance compute (HPC) cluster solution for semiconductor mask data-preparation (MDP) applications. The HPC solution, which consists of the Synopsys CATS MDP solution running on a high-performance compute infrastructure with Voltaire InfiniBand and DataDirect Networks’ storage, reduced MDP turnaround time by up to 4X compared to clusters using Gigabit Ethernet, according to the companies. Read more >>

New Product: TEA Systems’ Vector Raptor tackles Double Patterning overlay issues

21 August 2007 | Lithography
TAEProduct Briefing Outline: TEA Systems has announced the release of a new software product that enhances the control of overlay and registration in advanced semiconductor manufacturing to minimize the influence on critical feature dimensions and yield. Vector Raptor is a seventh generation overlay control tool specifically designed to address the unique problems now being introduced by Double Patterning and sub-45 nm process-node technology. Read more >>