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SPIE 2012: Tachyon FMO provides effective hotspot repair for advanced mask correction

13 February 2012 | Lithography
Product Outline: Brion Technologies, a division of ASML, has launched the Tachyon Flexible Mask Optimization (Tachyon FMO), part of ASML’s Holistic Lithography portfolio. Tachyon FMO is claimed to enable the seamless use of multiple Optical Proximity Correction (OPC) techniques in a single mask tapeout, permitting the use of advanced and computationally intensive OPC in key local areas where they provide maximum benefit. Read more >>

New Product: Applied Materials new EUV reticle etch system provides nanometer-level accuracy

19 September 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has introduced its new ‘Applied Centura Tetra’ EUV Advanced Reticle Etch system. The new systems is claimed to overcome a major hurdle to the adoption of EUV lithography by solving the critical and unmet challenge of etching EUVL photomasks with nanometer-level accuracy and world-class defect performance to enable the fabrication of multiple new generations of high-performance semiconductor chips at the 16nm node and below. Read more >>

New Product: ASML Brion‚??s Tachyon MB-SRAF enables OPC-like compute times

19 September 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Brion Technologies, a division of ASML, has launched a new product for its Tachyon computational lithography platform. Tachyon MB-SRAF (Model-Based Sub-Resolution Assist Features) is said to enable the high-speed, full-chip processing of advanced chip designs with larger process windows, greater productivity, and lower development costs than rule-based alternatives. Read more >>

ASML enhances NXT:1950i immersion lithography platform

12 July 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: ASML has introduced three new extensions for TWINSCAN NXT platform that improve imaging, overlay and productivity. The extensions enable chipmakers to manufacture smaller, faster chips more cost-effectively. The first NXT:1950i system shipped in 2009 and today more than 80 systems are in use by chipmakers around the world manufacturing current state-of-the-art devices at resolutions of 45- to 32-nm. Read more >>

Canon‚??s FPA-5510iV lithography tool designed for 3D packaging requirements

11 July 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Canon has entered the semiconductor back-end manufacturing tool market with the launch of the FPA-5510iV for next-generation semiconductor packaging, which is specially designed for ‘Through Silicon Via’ (TSV) and ‘bump’ processes. Read more >>

New Product: Nikon‚??s S620D offers 2nm overlay for 22nm production with Streamlign platform

03 March 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Nikon’s new S620D incorporates a multi-axial catadioptric lens with a 1.35 NA that will satisfy the imaging requirements to enable DP for 32nm and future technology generations. This lens design delivers extremely low aberrations and minimized local flare. In addition, the S620D design enables active aberration control, and enhances CD uniformity with dose and focus feedback and tuning capabilities that further increase yield. The S620D has already satisfied the aggressive CDU requirements for lines and spaces at 32nm, and demonstrated 22nm patterning capabilities, confirming extendibility to next generation applications. Read more >>

New Product: Synopsys Proteus LRC offers 28nm and below lithography verification

02 March 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Synopsys has introduced Proteus LRC for lithography verification at the 2011, SPIE Advanced Lithography conference. Proteus LRC provides comprehensive, process-window-aware checking features to identify locations in a design that are sensitive to process variations, thereby enabling corrective action to be taken prior to committing a design to manufacture. Proteus LRC is integrated into the Proteus Mask Synthesis flow and is targeted for use by OPC and mask data preparation groups at semiconductor manufacturers. Read more >>

New Product: Cymer focus drilling technology improves DOF for immersion lithography tools

02 March 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: At the 2011, SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference, Cymer has announced the development of new focus drilling technology for its immersion light sources including the XLR 600ix, XLR500i, XLA 400 and XLA 300. According to Cymer, focus drilling provides up to a 2X improvement in the depth of focus on the wafer, thereby enabling a larger process window that can positively impact chipmakers' yield. Read more >>

New Product: USHIO‚??s ‚??CHIPs‚?? ashing system designed for nano-imprint lithography

28 February 2011 | Lithography
USHIO’s ‘CHIPs’ ashing system Product Briefing Outline: USHIO is to exhibit and participate in the SPIE Advanced Lithography 2011, highlighting a new nano-imprint VUV (Vacuum Ultra Violet) ashing system ‘CHIPs’ (Compact HiPower System), which is designed to be incorporated into nano-imprint lithography (NIL) equipment. Read more >>

New Product: Brion‚??s Tachyon NXE offers predictive modeling for EUV lithography

14 September 2010 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Next generation semiconductor production will be facilitated by a new product introduced by Brion Technologies, a division of ASML.  Brion’s new Tachyon NXE is the result of a multi-year investment by ASML and Brion to accurately model the performance of NXE scanners, which are designed to provide accurate predictive modeling specifically for ASML Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) scanners. The accurate EUV modeling in Tachyon NXE is claimed to reduce both the development time and cost to produce chips on EUV systems. Read more >>