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New Product: Asyst addresses tool data streams with dynamic data connection

10 July 2007 | Fab Management
Product Briefing Outline: Asyst Technologies has announced the introduction of its Factory Data Integration Manager (FDIM). FDIM offers fab engineers a dynamic, adaptable interface for tool data access that overcomes the difficulties often experienced when implementing data collection using existing station controller technologies. Read more >>

New Product: PROMIS 5.8 MES give upgrade benefits for fabs

21 December 2006 | Fab Management
BrooksProduct Briefing Outline: Brooks Software has introduced PROMIS 5.8, an upgrade of its PROMIS MES that provides enhancements in the @PROMIS web GUI making it easier to increase productivity and enforce stringent quality controls in the production of precision products. Existing customers using any of the three previous major version releases of PROMIS (5.5, 5.6, and 5.7) will be able to take advantage of all the new features with a single-step upgrade, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: Factory Physics software suite handles supply chain changes

28 November 2006 | Fab Management
Factory PhysicsProduct Briefing Outline: Factory Physics Inc., a management consulting company, has launched its proprietary software application ‘LeanPhysics' Support Tools. LeanPhysics Support Tools enable enterprises to apply ‘Factory Physics' principles and optimize design, planning and execution of operations. The software complements continuous improvement initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma and work with existing IT systems to maximize these investments by standardizing a practical, scientific framework in an IT solution that makes managing operations easier. Read more >>

New Product: Optimize 300mm fab tool scheduling every 5 minutes offered by ILOG‚??s Fab PowerOps

19 October 2006 | Fab Management
iLogProduct Briefing Outline: ILOG has unveiled the first software package to comprehensively address production scheduling for all essential front-end process areas within a 300mm fab. ILOG's ‘Fab PowerOps' software is claimed to create optimal, forward-looking production schedules for all tools within a given fab process area, as well as create new schedules every five minutes. FPO has already been used to optimize production scheduling at a leading-edge North American 300mm fab, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: Applied Materials employs ‚??virtual sensors‚?? in new APC platform

25 September 2006 | Fab Management
FabProduct Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has launched ‘NeXus SPC', its next generation advanced process control software and hardware, used exclusively on a range of Applied's 300mm process tools. The new diagnostic tool performs split-second analysis of process conditions which is critical information that can increase system uptime and yield, protect wafers from process drift and enable more cost-effective maintenance schedules. Currently, Applied customers employ the NeXus platform on more than 350 of its process systems worldwide. Read more >>

New Product: Brooks Software enhances FACTORYworks to interoperate at enterprise-level on Windows

18 September 2006 | Fab Management
BrooksProduct Briefing Outline: Brooks Software, a division of Brooks Automation, has added a wide range of new functionality to its manufacturing execution system (MES) applications. ‘FACTORYworks', its core MES offering, has been enhanced significantly and is now available on the Microsoft Windows platform. ‘300works', an MES offering for highly-automated fabs has also been enhanced. The new functionality will, according to the company, improve productivity and make it easier to interoperate with enterprise-level applications. Read more >>

New Product: Straatum upgrades FDC software to virtual metrology status

01 July 2006 | Fab Management
Straatum ProcesswareProduct Briefing Outline: Straatum Processware has made further important upgrades to its real-time fault detection and classification (FDC) software for semiconductor manufacturing. ‘Imprint MX3' is a powerful, new version of its knowledge-based system for FDC with expanded advanced process control (APC) applications. Read more >>