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New Product: MKS cuts MFC requirements for SDS implant operations with new low pressure PiMFC

06 November 2006 | Critical Components
MKSProduct Briefing Outline: MKS Instruments has introduced the Low Pressure PiMFC Mass Flow Controller for maximum utilization of Safe Delivery Source gases used in semiconductor ion implant applications. It offers accurate and precise control of low gas flows, from below 1 sccm up to 20 sccm, over a wide pressure range with source gas delivery pressure as low as 4 Torr. Read more >>

New Product: Thermocouple sensor from Partek improves lifetime reliability

19 October 2006 | Critical Components
PartekProduct Briefing Outline: Partek, a division of Parker Hannifin, has introduced a new thermocouple sensor assembly, designated the TS Series, that is designed to provide reliable temperature monitoring for high-purity fluid systems which traditionally use fluoropolymer components. The sensor assembly overcomes perceived weaknesses with current thermocouple sensors that potentially reduce long term stability, and is expected to deliver considerable cost savings to users over its lifetime, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: Enhanced ferrofluid magnetic liquids from Ferrotec boost critical sealing applications

29 August 2006 | Critical Components
FerrotecProduct Briefing Outline: Ferrotec Corporation has made improvements to the standard ferrofluid magnetic liquids which provide the core sealing function in Ferrotec's ‘Ferrofluidic' vacuum rotary feedthroughs. Ferrotec vacuum feedthroughs are used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, vacuum chambers, and other clean and controlled process environments. Ferrotec claims the new liquid improvements have reduced operating torque, reduced vapor pressure, and provided better thermal stability in demanding process environments. Read more >>

New Product: BlueShift Technologies offers innovative linear vacuum wafer handling system

29 August 2006 | Critical Components
BlueShift TechnologiesProduct Briefing Outline: BlueShift Technologies has announced the release of ‘QuickLink', a novel, linkable and adaptable wafer handling system. The system architecture is targeted at small-lot manufacturing and is currently configured for wafers up to 300mm but is easily scalable to 450mm, BlueShift have stated. QuickLink is designed to provide improved vacuum-process isolation, reduced wafer-to-wafer cross-contamination, minimal risk of wafer thermal stressing, and excellent low-particulate performance, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: Advanced Energy‚??s new line of Sekidenko OFT‚??s provide precise temperature control

23 August 2006 | Critical Components
AEIProduct Briefing Outline: Advanced Energy Industries has introduced a new product family of its Sekidenko optical fiber thermometers (OFTs) and emissometers. The new OR4000 product family provides non-contact temperature measurement for RTP, HDP-CVD, MO-CVD, UV cure and a variety of other semiconductor processes. The systems use a small, modular platform that has improved optical signal gathering, background subtraction techniques, and enhanced electronics resolution to provide a wider range of measurements and lower temperature capabilities, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: Poly silicon furnace liner from Integrated Materials cuts particle defect levels

22 August 2006 | Critical Components
IMProduct Briefing Outline: Integrated Materials has added to its range of pure poly silicon furnace products with the introduction of a ‘SiFusion' liner for semiconductor furnace processes. According to the company the new product is now available in limited quantities for "beta" phase validation with the liner fixture completeing the SiFusion suite of furnaceware, which includes furnace boats, injectors and pedestals. SiFusion liners are already under qualification at fabs in Japan, Korea and Singapore. Initial performance data indicate unparalleled low particle levels when the SiFusion liner and boat are used together, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: GES5 Evolution from Sopra covers UV to near Infra-Red spectrum

SopraProduct Briefing Outline: Sopra has launched a new version of its spectroscopic metrology tool called the GES5 Evolution (GES5-E). The system is based on Ellipsometric porosimetry (EP), used to characterize CVD and spin coated porous ultra low-k materials. EP measures the change of the optical properties and thickness of the materials during adsorption and desorption of an organic solvent. The new system allows the complete characterization of porous thin layers for applications related to micro-electronics as well as new organic technologies. Read more >>

New Product: Piezo-driven nano-positioning from PI first in closed loop operation

14 June 2006 | Critical Components
PIProduct Briefing Outline: PI has introduced the world's first PCI-bus digital nano-positioning controller for closed-loop piezoelectric positioners & scanners. The new E-761 motion controller is designed to provide more flexibility and better overall value than any other digital piezo controller on the market today, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: New furnaceware from Integrated Materials mirrors wafer composition for the first time

27 March 2006 | Critical Components
IMProduct Briefing Outline: Integrated Materials, Inc. has launched a wide ranging line of poly silicon furnaceware called "SiFusion." The suite of SiFusion furnaceware includes furnace boats, towers, injectors and pedestals designed to fit furnaces manufactured by ASM, Aviza, Hitachi-Kokusai and Tokyo Electron. SiFusion furnaceware meets the requirements for vertical furnace applications in both 200 mm and 300 mm environments, including thin-film (LPCVD -- silicon nitride and poly silicon), high temperature (anneal/drive), and High Temperature Oxidation, among others. Integrated Materials claims to be the first to perfect the production of poly silicon structures for furnaces used in semiconductor manufacturing. Read more >>