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New Product: K-Patents offers real-time chemical concentration monitoring

24 September 2007 | Critical Components
k-patentsProduct Briefing Outline: K-Patents launched the Semicon Process Refractometer PR-23-MS real-time chemical concentration monitoring system. PR-23-MS provides a continuous 4-20 mA or digital measurement signal, which offers many possibilities for real-time monitoring and process control. It is physically small and easy to install in the bulk chemicals supply and distribution, and in point-of-use chemical blending, mixing, dilution and spiking applications. Read more >>

New Product: NEHP‚??s pre-designed utility modules cut tool install complexity

14 August 2007 | Critical Components
NEHPProduct Briefing Outline: NEHP has introduced a family of modules that help tool installers dramatically decrease the time, cost and complexity of a fab installation. The new line features a full range of pre-manufactured utility modules that streamline site process piping tool installation. NEHP claims its new modules have been proven to reduce the time, cost, footprint and amount of on-site labor required for installation while increasing safety. Read more >>

New Product: AE‚??s Paramount RF-power delivery system has network analyzer type accuracy

05 July 2007 | Critical Components
Advanced EnergyProduct Briefing Outline: Advanced Energy Industries has introduced its latest power platform: the ‘Paramount' RF-power delivery system. A key aspect of the new platform is power-delivery accuracy and control for increasingly complex film stacks and fine feature sizes. The 3kW Paramount system is well suited for both etch and deposition processes in semiconductor, FPD, MEMS and solar photovoltaic manufacturing. Read more >>

New Product: MKS offers improved process control parameters with new CONTINUUM gateway

21 June 2007 | Critical Components
MKSProduct Briefing Outline: MKS Instruments has introduced the ‘CONTINUUM' Universal Industrial Network Gateway with ‘cLogic' and the ‘MacroNode' I/O Controller with EtherCAT interface. These new solutions offer more precise process control through faster network performance and improved web browser diagnostics, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: Hach Ultra‚??s ORBISPHERE 510 enables precise process monitoring

18 June 2007 | Critical Components
HachProduct Briefing Outline: Hach Ultra has introduced its ORBISPHERE 510 instrument with the capability of connecting TC sensors for process control monitoring. The instrument offers multi channel capability for both thermal conductivity sensors measuring H2 or N2 and for electrochemical sensors measuring O2. This complete system is designed for process monitoring in liquid or gas phases across a wide range of applications for the electronics industry. Read more >>

New Product: IDE upgrades EMI cancellation system for sensitive tools

17 May 2007 | Critical Components
IDEProduct Briefing Outline: Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) has made significant upgrades to its popular EMI cancellation system for electron beam microscopes, MRI and lithography equipment. The MK 4 version now has state-of-the-art design enhancements to its active, analog and digital controls with improved DC and AC disturbance safeguards. A new patent-pending control system employs both analog controls to manage high frequencies and digital controls to handle the more complex quasi-DC rejection needs, while providing for operator interaction.

New Product: VUV xenon lamp system from OSRAM offers new wafer surface cleaning methodologies

10 May 2007 | Critical Components
OsramProduct Briefing Outline: OSRAM has introduced a new xenon excimer lamp system called ‘XERADEX' that is claimed to yield four times the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation power of conventional excimer radiators in pulse mode. Applications include wafer surface treatment, ozone production, lacquer frosting, water purification, and many more. The quartz bulb functions as a dielectric barrier within a unique electrode system, which prevents the formation of an electric arc during the discharge phase. Read more >>

New Product: Fluoropolymer diaphragm valve from Partek passes a million cycles in slurry application

12 March 2007 | Critical Components
PartekProduct Briefing Outline: The Partek operation of Parker Hannifin has introduced the 20 Series fluoropolymer diaphragm valve that is claimed to feature a flow path and valve seat area that optimizes fluid flow dynamics, for minimal pressure drop and enhanced flow rates, and resistance to aggressive media, making it suitable for CMP slurry and other aggressive fluid applications. Read more >>

New Product: Closed-loop digital ionization sensor from MKS Instruments handles static issues in EFE

01 March 2007 | Critical Components
MKSProduct Briefing Outline: MKS Instruments has introduced the Ion Systems Model 5200-SR Digital Ionization Sensor for use in semiconductor equipment front end modules (EFEMs) or in process modules, due to its small footprint. Read more >>

New Product: Copper ECD filter from Entegris guards against acid reaction

07 November 2006 | Critical Components
EntegrisProduct Briefing Outline: Entegris Inc. has introduced the new ‘Guardian' family of high-flow cartridge filters that are designed to be non-reactive to a wide range of plating additives and provide higher levels of particle retention as well as longer life. Guardian ECD filter cartridges are applicable to high-purity electrochemical deposition processes, such as copper, nickel, and gold plating. Read more >>