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New Product: Thin film deposition controller from INFICON prevents mode hop

30 May 2008 | Critical Components
InficonProduct Briefing Outline: INFICON has introduced the XTC/3 a thin film deposition controller for single and multiple-layer processes. The XTC/3 utilizes INFICON's patented ModeLock technology that provides mode hop prevention while in operation. The controller is designed to provide accurate control of deposition rate and thickness, for virtually any number of layers, while it is easy to install and offers high reliability, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: RASIRC raises bar on high-purity steam generation in smaller form-factor

21 May 2008 | Critical Components
RACIRCProduct Briefing Outline: RASIRC has revealed its next generation high-purity steam generation system called the ‘Steamer UHP 125.' With a reduced footprint, it can directly replace torches, bubblers, and direct water injection systems in 6", 8", and 12" furnaces as well as in other applications where flow rates of up to 12.5 slm of pure water vapor are needed. It has the ability to control flow into vacuum or atmospheric pressure systems. It generates Ultra High Purity steam from de-ionized water without hydrogen or oxygen. Read more >>

New Product: Aquest Systems launches ‚??No-Wait-Manufacturing‚?? 300mm fab AMHS

14 May 2008 | Critical Components
AquestProduct Briefing Outline: Aquest Systems, a three-year-old start-up, has launched ‘FabEX,' a new type of automated material handling system (AMHS) designed to improve fab productivity by delivering higher speeds and greater capacity than conventional AMHS.  According to company officials, the complete FabEX product portfolio will help deliver on Aquest's ‘No-Wait-Manufacturing' methodology by enabling chipmakers to significantly reduce or eliminate the unnecessary waits or delays that negatively impact both the productivity and profitability of their fabs. Read more >>

New Product: GF Piping Systems‚?? Type 567 Butterfly Valve improves wear for multiple applications

14 May 2008 | Critical Components
GFProduct Briefing Outline: GF Piping Systems has introduced the new Type 567 Butterfly Valve in large diameter sizes up to 12 inches.  The new corrosion-resistant valve incorporates a double eccentric operating principle that provides improved wear and easier operation over traditional eccentric style butterfly valves.  Typical applications include industrial water treatment and waste water systems. Read more >>

New Product: Nexen‚??s Roller Pinion System handles long run linear motion control

13 March 2008 | Critical Components
NexenProduct Briefing Outline: A unique Roller Pinion System (RPS) from Nexen Group, Inc., allows machine designers to incorporate highly accurate linear and rotary motion-control functions with zero backlash and speeds as high as 11 meters per second (36.1 feet per second).  The patented RPS technology can replace typical rack and pinions, linear motors, spur gears, chain/belt drives and ball-screws in critical motion-control applications that require high speed, great accuracy, and low maintenance and noise. Read more >>

New Product: GF Piping‚??s new butterfly valve suits corrosive environments

18 December 2007 | Critical Components
GFProduct Briefing Outline: GF Piping has announced the availability of a new Type ‘567/568 Butterfly Valve.'  The new corrosion-resistant valve incorporates several new design features that result in long service life, high safety, excellent sealing capabilities, and modular flexibility. Waste water and electroplating applications are of particular application uses, according to the company. Read more >>

New Product: Entegris offers ‚??Torrento‚?? high-flow liquid filters for wet etch and clean processe

17 December 2007 | Critical Components
EntegrisProduct Briefing Outline: Entegris has introduced the new Torrento family of high-flow liquid filters that help improve liquid contamination control of nano-scale particles in wet etch and clean (WEC) manufacturing processes used in advanced semiconductor applications. Built on a combination of new membrane technology and an advanced ATE device construction, the Torrento filters provide high-yield, rapid bath clean-up cycles, extended filter life, and allow for fast change-outs and increase cleanliness. Read more >>

New Product: Aerotech‚??s WaferMax T rotary stage offers form factor benefits

13 December 2007 | Critical Components
WaferMaxProduct Briefing Outline: Aerotech’s WaferMax T rotary stage was originally designed for the demands of precision wafer inspection; however, due to its low height design it can be used in a wider range of tool applications where high-throughput production performance with high levels of precision are required especially when space and access are limited. The WaferMax-T rotary stage has full 360-degree rotation and a certified accuracy of +/-5arc/sec. Read more >>

New Product: Thick film quartz heater modules from Watlow designed for wet chemistry

06 December 2007 | Critical Components
WatlowProduct Briefing Outline: Watlow has introduced thick film quartz heater modules for wet chemistry applications. They feature an optical trip that protects the heater from excessive boiling, non-contact dry fire and insufficient fluid flowing through the heater. Intended for deionized (DI) water and aggressive chemicals, these thick film quartz heater modules provide ultra pure semiconductor-grade quartz performance. Read more >>

New Product: Swagelok‚??s CR-288 chemical concentration monitor operates in real time

18 October 2007 | Critical Components
SwagelokProduct Briefing Outline: The Swagelok CR-288 concentration monitor addresses a critical requirement in the semiconductor industry for improved monitoring and control of liquid chemicals employed in device manufacturing. Installed in the process stream or at point-of-use where chemicals are delivered or blended, the technology delivers real-time, highly accurate measurements of the concentration and temperature of process fluids. Read more >>