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New Product: ULVAC Technologies doubles throughput on next generation Enviro ‚??Optima‚?? resist str

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OptimaProduct Briefing Outline: ULVAC Technologies has launched its next generation Enviro ‘Optima’ Resist Strip System that the company claims has the smallest 300mm resist strip system footprint, with double the speed of the proven Enviro Optima platform. The ultra-fast robotics and remote plasma source with >10μm/min strip rate helps fabs achieve the lowest cost per wafer, with a throughput of 400wph, according to the company.

Problem: Surface preparation is needed between every etch (or implant) and deposition step. Conventional surface preparation sequence uses plasma to ash resist and wet chemicals to clean residues. The strip/clean sequence can be very extensive and costly. With less cleanroom space required, and the claim of a lower price point than competitor’s models, the Optima resist strip system is claimed to have the lowest CoO, which is achieved by providing high throughput at lower total system cost. The Enviro Optima is ideal for all resist strip work including high dose implant, residue removal, and surface preparation applications.

Solution: Enviro Optima features a remote plasma source achieving resist removal rates of >10μm/min.  The new tool retains the smallest 300mm resist strip platform footprint in the market, according to the company. Resist strip and residue clean is accomplished in one plasma tool, eliminating or reducing wet clean steps. Coupled to ultra-fast handling robotics, the system is designed to provide lowest cost of ownership. Through available wafer bias, it is capable of handling the most difficult strip and clean challenges.  

Applications: Resist strip work including high dose implant, residue removal, and surface preparation applications.

Platform: Smallest 300mm resist strip system offering three loadports on the market.
ULVAC has adopted Asyst’s Spartan EFEM (equipment front-end module), featuring fully integrated ConX300 and EIB connectivity software.

Availability: May 2008 onwards.


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