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New Product: Ultrapure water lab level analysis for production applications

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GEProduct Briefing Outline: GE Analytical Instruments has introduced the Sievers 500 RL On-Line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer. The reagentless analyzer is designed for continuous monitoring of organics in ultrapure water (UPW) for pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and power applications with a 0.03 ppb limit of detection and autozero capabilities, according to the company.

The Sievers 500 RL On-Line TOC Analyzer is designed to deliver science-based risk management capability to the production floor. This is largely achieved by integrating Sievers laboratory TOC analysis methodology into a reagentless on-line analyzer that delivers the same high level of analytical process capability associated with laboratory analyzers, but without the delay.

Solution: The 500 RL On-Line TOC Analyzer utilizes the patented Sievers membrane conductometric technology, which eliminates false positive and false negative readings to which other technologies are susceptible. Additionally, the Sievers' technology ensures accurate recovery of all classes of organic compounds commonly found in UPW waters.
The new Super iOS (Integrated On-Line Sampling System) is a four-port system that fully automates system protocols, including system suitability, significantly reducing operator time, risks, and costs. The Super iOS can also run single standards and grab samples, like the standard iOS.

Applications: Ultrapure water.

Platform: The Analyzer complies with USEPA-approved Standards Methods 5310C and the proposed USEPA 415.3 for regulatory monitoring. It also complies with ASTM-approved methodologies, and provides security consistent with 21 CFR Part 11. The Analyzer includes: large color touch-screen display, intuitive menu interface, on-screen consumables status indicators, and automated system protocols, such as system suitability verification.

Availability: April 2006 onwards

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