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New Product: Tokyo Electron lowers CO2 emissions of its ‘Trias SPAi’ plasma treatment system

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Tokyo Electron lowers CO2 emissions and footprint of its 'Trias SPAi' plasma treatment reactorProduct Briefing Outline: Tokyo Electron is launching the ‘Trias SPAi beginning January, 2009. Trias SPAi is a plasma treatment reactor for nitridation and oxidation. The reactor is based on Slot Plane Antenna(SPA) plasma technology, which creates a high-density, low-electron temperature plasma with excellent uniformity. This provides stable, damage-free plasma processing which improves the speed and reliability of transistor fabrication.

Problem: TEL has worked to reduce the Trias platforms electrical power consumption and CO2 emissions as well as reduced its footprint, thus reducing the environmental impact. TEL wanted to make environmentally-conscious advances while still improving the tool’s overall productivity.

Solution: TEL developed the Trias SPAi to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve COO through a smaller footprint and higher throughput. It is based on TEL’s Trias SPA platform, a low temperature plasma nitridation/oxidation process module installed at major DRAM, Flash and Logic customers worldwide. The Trias SPA creates a high-density, low-electron temperature plasma enabling damage-free processing in advanced radical oxidation and nitridation applications.

Applications: Gate nitridation, STI Liner/Recovery oxidation,Post treatment (High-k, CVD films)

Platform: Wafer size 300mm. Number of process modules : 1 to 4

Availability: January, 2009.

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