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New Product: Synergy MPX tool from Rudolph with MMXRF extends opaque film analysis

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RudolphProduct Briefing Outline: Rudolph Technologies, Inc. has released its new ‘Synergy MPX' System, which combines Rudolph's patented ‘PULSE Technology' with new monochromatic microspot x-ray fluorescence (MMXRF) technology on a single tool platform. This new addition offers a production-worthy technique to measure the ultrathin opaque films, such as ALD layers, that will be required for next-generation processes.

Problem: Rudolph has developed a hybrid metrology solution to help its customers minimize the equipment, time, and costs needed for thin-film process control. Synergy MPX allows them to extend opaque film metrology measurements down into the ultrathin film regime that will be required at the 65nm technology node and below.
MMXRF provides certain advantages over conventional XRF, such as smaller analytical volume, higher sensitivity for the detection of impurities, and more accurate analysis.

Solution: Accurate and reproducible ultrathin and ALD film measurements are made with the new MMXRF technology. Unlike competing systems, the monochromatic source eliminates virtually all of the background radiation associated with conventional polychromatic XRF technologies, providing improved signal-to-noise ratios for accurate and repeatable measurements of sub-nanometer films. The microspot permits measurements in scribe line test structures on product wafers. PULSE Technology is a picosecond ultrasonic laser sonar technique that provides non-contact, non-destructive opaque film measurements for films ranging from 40 angstroms to 6 micrometers. PULSE Technology can determine RMS roughness, material density, adhesion, material phase, and interlayer reactions, as well as low-k and ultra low-k modulus.

Applications: Include ultrathin films, advanced silicides, FUSI and metal gates, advanced copper barriers, copper shunt, and dishing and erosion of dense line arrays.

Platform: Low cost of ownership is claimed with the VANGUARD-II platform that accommodates both technologies into a small footprint module. ‘EASy' software is used, which incorporates years of application knowledge to simplify operation for novices and experienced users alike.

Availability: Fourth quarter 2006.

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