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New Product: SOKUDO DUO track system boost throughput to 250-300 wafers per hour

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Product Briefing Outline: Sokudo Co., Ltd. has recently launched the SOKUDO DUO platform, a new concept in photoresist coat/develop track systems that provides customers with the ultra-high productivity needed to optimize leading-edge lithography processing. Incorporating an innovative dual track design, the system simultaneously processes wafers in two lines, claimed to boost throughput to 250-300 wafers per hour (wph), depending on system configuration, while also improving uptime and substantially reducing system footprint.

Problem: As lithography tool throughputs continue to increase, the photoresist coat/develop track systems have to match speeds, while tackling increased process steps due to immersion lithography cleaning and drying requirements.

Solution: Running dual, parallel process lines dramatically improves wafer throughput. Since the load is distributed between two separate lines, the SOKUDO DUO also contributes to higher wafer handling robotics reliability since it enables reduced wafer transfer speeds without compromising wafer throughput. Another advantage of the system’s dual track design is its non-stop operational capability. If one line is unavailable due to maintenance, there is no disruption to the second line, allowing the coat/develop process to continue and reducing the idle time of the in-line photolithography exposure system. The SOKUDO DUO design improves wafer output per unit area by up to 40% compared to previous track systems. This dramatic reduction in system footprint allows the platform to be installed and maintained using significantly less clean room space.

Applications: Photoresist processing.

Platform: To further optimize the system’s overall equipment effectiveness for the entire litho cell, the SOKUDO DUO features integrated wafer cleaning options to maintain high yield and extend maintenance intervals of the scanner’s wafer chuck. Various system configurations can be tailored to match specific coat/develop applications, to deliver optimized wafer output for the available clean-room area.

Availability: Currently available.

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