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New Product: Rudolph‚??s MetaPULSE-G offers 22nm copper metrology capability

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Product Briefing Outline: Rudolph Technologies is launching its ‘MetaPULSE’-G thin-film measurement tool optimized specifically for copper damascene processes at 45nm through 22nm technology nodes and copper via fill in new 3D IC applications.

Problem: Copper thickness and overburden measurements are critical in optimizing the CMP process that follows deposition during through-silicon via (TSV) manufacturing. A TSV 3D package (3D IC) contains two or more chips stacked vertically, with vias through the silicon substrates replacing edge wiring to create an electrical connection between the circuit elements on each chip. TSV technology provides a dramatic increase in the functionality of the device in a very small footprint. Multiple technologies are being explored to form vias during the wafer fabrication process (front-end) and the IC packaging and assembly stage (back-end). Metrology and inspection of the TSVs are critical for ensuring the performance of the 3D ICs and the profitability of the overall manufacturing process.

Solution: The high-reliability, green wavelength ultrafast laser used in the MetaPULSE-G is optimized for copper applications, delivering higher signal-to-noise ratios and measurement repeatability better than 0.3 percent at throughputs of 60-80 WPH. The system’s 10um X 10um spot size is small enough to assure measurement capability on product wafers in 30x30um or smaller test sites.

Applications: MetaPULSE-G is optimized for copper applications, The tool calculates thickness, modulus and other film characteristics

Platform: It incorporates Rudolph’s patented picosecond laser sonar ‘PULSE’ technology, which uses a picosecond pulse of laser energy to send an acoustic wave through the sample. The new tool measures 60-80 product wafers per hour with gauge-capable precision and reduced cost of ownership.

Availability: Rudolph is accepting orders now with initial shipments planned for the fourth quarter of 2009.


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