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New Product: Pfeiffer Vacuum‚??s ‚??HiPace‚?? turbopump line expanded

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‘HiPace’ turbopumpsProduct Briefing Outline: Pfeiffer Vacuum has broadened its line of ‘HiPace’ turbopumps to include four new sizes. They are characterized by their high pumping speeds for both light (H2, He) and heavy gases (Ar, CF4), achieving high throughputs for heavy gases.

Problem: The new, integrated drive electronics reduce the need for cumbersome and costly cabling. Innovative materials have enabled Pfeiffer Vacuum to double the service life of the drive systems. Reduced run-up time for the HiPace pumps means that they are able to go into service faster.

Solution: A variety of drive versions, including Profibus and DeviceNet, are available without any increase in physical size. Remote and sensor functionalities allow analysis of pump data, such as temperatures. Their functional aluminum housings make these pumps extremely light in weight. A sealing gas connection safeguards the bearings against particulate matter or reactive gases. This affords optimum integration capabilities. The mature rotor design and precise sensory technology of the HiPace pumps afford the highest level of safety.
Application: In addition to photovoltaics and semiconductor technology, their broad range of applications also includes coating architectural glass and eyeglass lenses, as well as employment in industrial applications, such as furnace engineering. Protection Class IP 54 and SEMI S2 assure their suitability for industrial applications.

Platform: HiPace stands for a complete line of compact yet powerful turbopumps featuring pumping speeds that range from 10 – 700 liters per second. The proven bearing system affords dependability. The improved rotor design makes for higher pumping speeds, higher backing pump compatibility and higher gas throughputs coupled with very good compression for light gases. Mean time to failure > 200,000 hours.

Availability: Currently available.

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