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New Product: ‚??ORION‚?? single wafer cleaning tool from FSI eliminates ashing step for 32nm & below

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FSI ‘ORION’ closed-chamber single wafer cleaning toolProduct Briefing Outline: FSI International has launched the ‘ORION’ Single Wafer Cleaning System, which is differentiated by the use of a unique closed chamber design permits complete control and containment of the wafer environment, addressing several cleaning-related issues on the critical path for 32nm and 22nm technologies. These include the reduction of material loss during photoresist stripping after ultra shallow implants and the elimination of material loss and galvanic corrosion in high-k metal gates and copper interconnects with metal containing capping layers.

Problem: There is a growing number of specialist process cleaning steps due to continued scaling and the introduction of new materials and processes. A key processing challenge is the material loss and damage from photoresist stripping after ultra shallow implantation. At the 32-22nm nodes resist removal steps using conventional ashing techniques will equate to significant material removal but the material remaining will not support expected line-widths of 24nm and junction depths of only 11nm. Other material loss challenges exist for stripping of (NiPt) films used to form silicide with silicon-germanium (SiGe) and metal loss and galvanic corrosion in metal gates and copper (Cu) interconnect with the use of capping layers.

Solution: The ORION system’s unique closed chamber design permits the use of volatile, highly-reactive chemistries for single-step, all-wet stripping of highly implanted photoresist created during the fabrication of 32nm devices. By eliminating the ashing process only reduces material loss by a factor of ten, according to FSI, but also reduces the cycle time, process complexity and the number of tools and process steps. The closed chamber system effectively eliminates the oxygen in the wafer environment that is responsible for material loss and corrosion in high-k metal gates and new copper interconnects with cobalt and other metals in the capping layers. The ORION system’s three-dimensional cluster configuration delivers high throughput, great flexibility and the most efficient use of space.

Applications: FEOL Resist/Polymer removal amongst other emerging applications.

Platform: The system incorporates many of FSI’s core technologies: in-line chemical blending and control; energetic aerosol chemical and water delivery; and flexible, recipe-driven procedures to deliver uncompromised process performance. Its modular design accommodates multiple stacked chambers surrounding a single robot that enables the industry’s smallest 8 chamber cleaning system.

Availability: November 2008 onwards.

 ‘ORION’ closed-chamber single wafer cleaning tool emerging applicationsFSI ‘ORION’ closed-chamber single wafer cleaning tool

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