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New Product: New tungsten slurries from Cabot combat edge-over-erosion

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CabotProduct Briefing Outline: Cabot Microelectronics has claimed a major breakthrough in its CMP technology with the ‘WIN' platform of tungsten (W) CMP slurries for advanced technology nodes. The WIN product line is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly as it is based on hydrogen peroxide technology. The product platform is composed of two main product classes: ‘WIN W7000' and ‘WIN W7300.'

Problem: As device dimensions shrink for more advanced applications (e.g. 65nm and beyond), the CMP performance requirements are becoming more stringent. Today, reducing or even eliminating Edge-Over-Erosion (EOE) is a major focus in the CMP industry. Very few studies have been published regarding this phenomenon, which led to a common myth that the slurry chemistry is the root cause of EOE formation. Studies at Cabot indicate that EOE formation in tungsten CMP is driven purely by mechanical effects.

Solution: WIN W7000 is a high selectivity slurry that is related to its ‘Semi-Sperse' W2000 platform. WIN W7000 includes fumed silica abrasives and a proprietary etch inhibitor technology that provides improved performance with a wide over-polish window and substantially reduced EOE. WIN W7000 has been demonstrated to provide a 70-80 percent improvement in erosion compared to Semi-Sperse W2000 1:1 diluted. Coupled with a soft landing step, EOE is substantially eliminated on 300mm CMP process steps. WIN W7300 is a tunable selective slurry based on hydrogen peroxide technology and made with an ultra-pure colloidal particle that results in improved planarization, EOE and defectivity performance. The product has been also been used successfully as a "buff" on a hard pad using the same platen, according to the company.

Applications: Tungsten CMP processes 45nm and below.

Platform: The WIN product line is based on hydrogen peroxide technology. W7000 (high selectivity) and WIN W7300 (tunable low selectivity) are compatible with Cabot's other W slurries and can also be used as a buff on a hard pad (same platen).

Availability: May 2007 onwards.


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