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New Product: New GORE ePTFE filters improve liquid filtration performance

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Product Briefing Outline: W. L. Gore & Associates has announced an addition to their line of high-performance cartridge filters for semiconductor applications. The new 40nm-rated filter, intended for use with chemicals in wet processes and distribution systems, provides 40nm retention while maintaining the flow of next-best-in-class 50nm filters. Incorporating a new high-flow ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) filtration media that allows a drop-in retention upgrade from 100nm to 30nm, enables cleaner recirculation baths, reduced processing times and significant savings in cost of ownership.

Problem: The ITRS road map identifies that increasingly small line widths will require finer particle retention and lower particle counts. The industry in general is continually seeking the lowest cost of ownership and greater efficiencies.

Solution: These filters incorporate a new high flow ePTFE filtration media that allows a drop-in retention upgrade from 100 nm to 30 nm, enabling cleaner recirculation baths and reduced processing times. The capability of liquid filters is measured in flow (amount of liquid that passes through) and retention (number and size of particles captured). Flow through a porous material can be increased if the pores are larger, but retention will suffer. Retention can be increased if the pores are smaller, but flow will be restricted. The drop-in substitution of GORE Filters can upgrade retention performance and reduce particle counts while maintaining desired flow rate, as well as enable reduced processing times, higher flow rates and faster bath turnovers.

Applications: 20nm to 100nm-rated cartridge filters for chemicals, dilute chemicals and ultrapure water in wet process tools.

Platform: Gore’s ePTFE filtration media is incorporated into standard-size filters that can be used as drop-in replacements for existing filtration systems and industry standard housings.

Availability: November 2009 onwards.


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