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New Product: KLA-Tencor and TEL‚??s new modeling software tackles CD control at the 32nm node

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Product Briefing Outline: KLA-Tencor and Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) have introduced the ‘AcuShape,’ a new modeling and library-generation package to meet optical critical dimension metrology requirements for the 32nm node and below. The new software package enables metrology engineers in IC fabs to measure the dimensions of 3D logic and memory structures, such as FinFETs, bulb RCATs, and structures created by the advanced patterning technique called spacer pitch splitting. It is designed to operate on KLA-Tencor’s stand-alone optical critical dimension platform, ‘SpectraCD’, and Timbre Integrated Metrology (IM) CD systems. AcuShape has been shipped to several memory, logic and foundry fabs in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, where it is being used to measure production wafers and provide early learning on advanced R&D structures.

Problem: As fabs prepare their next-generation chips, they are turning to innovative patterning technologies and designs to enhance device performance and solve power-management issues. A new technique called spacer pitch splitting (SPS) enables fabs to print smaller lines and spaces to enhance device speed and lower costs. In order to solve leakage current issues associated with small, densely spaced lines, three-dimensional transistors have also been introduced. The shapes of these SPS and 3D transistor structures are new to the semiconductor industry, and control of their widths and profiles can be critical to device yield or performance. Unlike established CD-SEM technology, which can measure line widths but has limited ability to measure profiles, the optical CD technology enabled by AcuShape is well-suited for measuring both line widths and profiles of 3D features.

Solution: AcuShape features fully flexible 2D and 3D modelling to enable OCD measurements of complex structures for advanced devices, both in production and R&D, through offline model creation and on-tool wafer measurements. It features fast library generation to reduce development time for new models and libraries (generally 10x faster than previous-generation software); small library size to promote easy sharing and distribution throughout the fab; and step-by-step modelling with feedback to guide the user through the process of creating a library.

Applications: Optical CD for the 32nm node and below

Platform: Available as an upgrade on SpectraCD products.

Availability: May 2009 onwards.

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