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New Product: IR3100N extended wavelength MBIR system from AMS provides measurement of 3D structures

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AMSProduct Briefing Outline: Advanced Metrology Systems (AMS) has introduced the IR3100N, a model-based infrared (MBIR) reflectance metrology solution for measuring 3D structures. The new IR3100N includes proprietary optics and an extended near infrared (NIR) measurement designed for highly automated measurements of product wafers at the 70nm node and below. The new tool broadens AMS's product portfolio to handle the high volume measurements of next generation shallow silicon structures and interconnect layers.

Problem: As process nodes advance and device sizes shrink, a need was identified to measure shallower structures than was possible with existing IR metrology systems.  Past solutions to this problem were unsuitable for online use in the fab due to degraded sensitivity and/or measurement speed, or because they required cumbersome manual intervention or frequent system realignment.

Solution: The IR3100N uses a new proprietary optical source and detection system to extend the range of the tool to include the mid-infrared and near-infrared spectral ranges 500 to 11,000cm-1 (20 to 0.9µm) in a single measurement without sacrificing sensitivity, reproducibility, or data acquisition time.  When combined with the pattern recognition capability of Cognex ‘PATMAX' and real-time auto-focus capability, the IR3100N is well suited for online, highly automated measurements of product wafers at the 7nm node and below.

Applications: This extended range enables more accurate and repeatable measurements of shallow structures such as Recess 2 or Recess 3 in DT DRAM applications, as well as significantly improved accuracy and repeatability for thin (20nm) epitaxial film measurements.

Platform: The IR3100N uses the AMS Series 3000 platform. This highly automated, E84 capable, dual loadport system can be configured for 200/300mm or 150/200mm mixed wafer size operation as well as standard dual 300mm FOUP, 200mm SMIF or open cassette systems.  As with all AMS systems, loadports can be changed in the field to allow reconfiguration of the wafer handling system as customers change wafer sizes or automation needs. The automation backbone software is based on Peer Group's new advanced PTO3 automation solution and has been tested in fabs worldwide.

Availability: July 2007 onwards.


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