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New Product: GenISys new software speeds e-Beam lithography data-prep

02 November 2006 | By Mark Osborne | Product Briefings > Lithography

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GeniSysProduct Briefing Outline: GenISys GmbH has launched a new software tool for users of e-Beam lithography. The preparation of large layout data for e-beam direct write requires a highly efficient, flexible and robust framework for design and execution of complex processes including layout handling, processing, PEC, process modeling & correction, inspection and conversion to the machine format. GenISys' layout BEAMER 2.0, software is designed to speed data-prep processing and includes proximity effect correction (PEC) software that is specific to e-Beam lithography requirements.

Problem: In the face of rising costs for mask-making and conventional lithography, direct-write technology is becoming increasingly attractive for device development, prototyping and small-volume fabrication for both device manufacturers and researchers. Data preparation is an important step in e-Beam processes, directly influencing the quality of the pattern reproduced on the wafer. Increasing layout complexity and demands on pattern fidelity have created new challenges. Process correction has become an important part of the preparation process. But the direct-write market has long needed solutions to address these specific needs in a quick, efficient manner.

Solution: Layout BEAMER 2.0 handles the layout processing regime on the major e-Beam machines such as Vistec, JEOL and Raith by "fracturing" to the desired machine formats. Its ability to handle a large volume of layout data quickly is coupled with VisualFLOW's user-friendly, drag-and drop interface, which enables users to easily design complex, hierarchical process flows and to define and save them as custom modules, according to the company. Layout BEAMER 2.0 users can also define design parameters as variables and vary them in loops, which in turn provides strong automation and optimization abilities. They can then save these customized modules and flows to construct a "corporate knowledge base." PEC is a critical step in obtaining reliable, repeatable beam writer performance and superior critical dimension (CD) control on curved and manhattan structures. PEC is further enhanced in Version 2.0 for use in measured or calculated tables, in addition to multi-Gaussian correction.

Applications: E-Beam tools from Vistec, JEOL and Raith amongst others.

Platform: It supports the Windows XP, Windows 2000 and LINUX operating systems.

Availability: November 2006 onwards


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