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New Product: Fujitsu makes enhancements to 3D mechanical CAD software

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Product Briefing Outline: - Fujitsu and Digital Process (DIPRO) have announced the development of ICAD/SX V6L2 (version 6, level 2), a software package supporting the three-dimensional design of machinery and devices, which is now available in Japan. The ICAD/SX series has been developed based on the concept of ‘digital verification,’
where the design and production preparation stages take place concurrently, allowing users to shorten the time involved with the design and production of machinery and devices.

Problem: A number of challenges arise in machine and device design when the number of individual product parts reaches the thousands. These issues include the amount of time required to read and store general three-dimensional CAD data, the sluggish display interface after data has been loaded, and the inability to smoothly make edits while displaying the entire device on-screen. Furthermore, manufacturers often discover design-related problems, including conflicts between parts once a product has entered the production stage, forcing them to go back and make design revisions. As a result, machine and device makers have been searching for a way to avoid lost time and increased operating costs in their manufacturing stages, while at the same time also trying to reduce design and production time.

Solution: The new software represents a vast improvement over previous versions by speeding up the data-read time by approximately two times and the data-copy time by approximately ten times. High-speed processing enables smoother design work. Up until this point, commonly used three-dimensional CAD systems have been limited to reading the data of a few thousand parts, making it impossible to smoothly perform design work. The ICAD/SX V6L3's enhanced high-speed configuration processing engine has increased data read time by approximately two times over previous products. Not only does the application allow quick data downloads of tens of thousands of product parts, including information on the entire device and its production line, it also enables the user to make the necessary design revisions to layouts involving large quantities of connected parts immediately after the data has been downloaded. As well, by increasing the speed of inspecting design layouts and replicating the overall image of the device, essential for design reformulation, by approximately ten times, the software allows for stress-free CAD operations and editing.

Assembly/disassembly and verification functions in both enlarged and overview display modes, the software is able to render three-dimensional images showing the appropriate types of holes for attaching bolts or screws. This feature makes three-dimensional models easier to view, enabling efficient verification of operations at early design stages. For example, by standardizing the shapes of holes, it is possible to reduce the steps involved in processing, as well as the cost of materials. In addition, there is a function that automatically links the original placement of parts prior to assembly to their location post-assembly. This increases efficiency when providing explanations to the manufacturing or assembly division, as well as streamlining collateral work, including the production of maintenance manuals and explanatory materials for customers on product handling.

Applications: Machine and device three-dimensional CAD manufacturing.

ICAD/SX Mechanical PRO V6L2 software.

December 2009 onwards. The ICAD/SX V6L3 will be on display at Fujitsu PLM User Forum, a specialized event for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) intended for customers in the manufacturing industry, on February 2 in Tokyo and February 9 in Osaka.

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