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New Product: Fluoropolymer diaphragm valve from Partek passes a million cycles in slurry application

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PartekProduct Briefing Outline: The Partek operation of Parker Hannifin has introduced the 20 Series fluoropolymer diaphragm valve that is claimed to feature a flow path and valve seat area that optimizes fluid flow dynamics, for minimal pressure drop and enhanced flow rates, and resistance to aggressive media, making it suitable for CMP slurry and other aggressive fluid applications.

Problem: Traditional fluoropolymer diaphragm valves used in abrasive fluid environments suffer from premature failure and replacement that is exaggerated by flow restrictive designs and sub-optimal component material matching.

Solution: Advanced performance and reliability are key features of the valve. An angled and rounded flow path, plus an open and swept bowl shape around the diaphragm, minimize turbulence and eliminate sharp angles that can cause fluid shear - optimizing flow and protecting against entrapment and erosion in slurry, DI water, and chemical applications. These factors allow the Partek 20 Series valve to deliver superior flow rates, with Cv figures of 0.76, 3.9 and 13.5 for the ¼, ½ and 1-inch variants respectively. A self-draining design further aids reliability when used with aggressive fluids in an open-loop system. As a result, the 20 Series valve is claimed to offer a life of more than a million cycles in slurry applications - a greater than 50% improvement over Partek's standard DI water/chemical valve technology, according to the company.

Applications: The design makes the valve particularly suitable for handling abrasive and corrosive slurry fluids. The valve is also suitable for a wide range of other clean area processing and analytical applications, such as controlling the flow of acids, chemicals, and DI water.

Platform: Compliant with the SEMI-F57-0301 standard for polymer components, Partek's new valve has a body machined from virgin 100% ultra-high purity PTFE for improved chemical resistance, and a one-piece, precision-machined diaphragm. It is available initially in three orifice sizes of ¼, ½ and 1 inch, with port sizes ranging from ¼ to 1¼ inches, and can be supplied with industry-standard Parflare or Nippon Pillar S300 end connections. The design of the valve is optimized to save critical clean room and sub-fab space; for example, the ¼-inch version has a body size measuring just 1.5 x 1.25 x 2.91 inches (L x W x H). Both manual and pneumatically actuated configurations are available. In addition, Partek will integrate the valve into a custom manifold assembly (CASY) for clients.

Availability: March 2007 onwards

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