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New Product: EV Group‚??s in-line metrology module option offers control for thin-wafer processing

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Product Briefing Outline: EV Group has introduced a new in-line metrology module for its EVG850TB automated temporary bonding and debonding systems.  This new metrology capability, which is now available as an option on the EVG850TB and EVG850DB platforms, allows customers to implement in-line process control for thin-wafer processing.  

Problem: With semiconductor device scaling reaching its physical limits and becoming increasingly cost prohibitive, IC manufacturers are turning to 3D IC architectures—where multiple circuit layers are stacked into a single circuit and connected via TSVs—in order to increase device functionality.  Thin-wafer processing is key to enabling TSV applications.  However, since thin wafers are very fragile and prone to breakage, temporary bonding of the device wafer to a carrier wafer is needed to provide stability to the device wafer during thin-wafer processing.  After thinning and backside processing, the device wafer must then be debonded in order for the individual devices to be singulated and packaged.  

EVG's new integrated in-line metrology module can detect a variety of process irregularities and defects during temporary bonding and debonding, including: total thickness variation (TTV) of the carrier wafer, adhesive layer, bonded stack and thinned wafer; bow/warp of the bonded stack; and voids in the bond interface. This enables IC manufacturers to reduce defects and wafer breakage—thereby improving yields and lowering production costs.  Adding in-line metrology to thin-wafer processing is particularly crucial in helping to enable the ramp-up of 3D-IC and TSV manufacturing from pilot-line to volume production. Beyond improving yields, the integration of in-line metrology to our EVG850TB/DB systems can also enable temporary bonding and debonding to be performed by different companies—opening up an entirely new supply chain model for TSV manufacturing to further increase TSV adoption and drive down costs.  

Defect inspection during temporary wafer bonding and debonding.

Platform: The in-line metrology capability is now available as an option on the EVG850TB and EVG850DB platforms, which allows customers to implement in-line process control for thin-wafer processing.  

Availability: June 2011 onwards.

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