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New Product: Entegris offers ‚??Torrento‚?? high-flow liquid filters for wet etch and clean processe

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EntegrisProduct Briefing Outline: Entegris has introduced the new Torrento family of high-flow liquid filters that help improve liquid contamination control of nano-scale particles in wet etch and clean (WEC) manufacturing processes used in advanced semiconductor applications. Built on a combination of new membrane technology and an advanced ATE device construction, the Torrento filters provide high-yield, rapid bath clean-up cycles, extended filter life, and allow for fast change-outs and increase cleanliness.

Problem: As semiconductor manufacturers drive their sub-45nm technology applications, contamination control becomes increasingly more difficult. The filter retention is extremely critical as the purity of the chemicals used in WEC can directly correlate to wafer yields.  To remove increasingly smaller contamination particles, wafer fabricators found themselves using filters with smaller pores, which forced reduced filter flow and ultimately slowed wafer processing speed.

Solution: With the Torrento high-flux platform of WEC filters, semiconductor manufacturers can maintain ultra-high flow rates without sacrificing chemical purity at the 20nm rating. This is due to the Torrento’s 20nm filters using a specialized non-de-wetting Teflon membrane technology that attracts the contaminating particles rather than just sieving them. Torrento filters also have a larger surface area than general use filters due to an advanced ATE device construction technology. The combined effect is a filter that allows manufacturers to reduce particle-related wafer defects, decrease process cycle time, and realize 20 percent longer filter life than its closest competitor. The low filter resistance also is designed to reduce pump strokes and decrease wear and tear.

Applications: The capability to maintain flow rate at an extremely small pore size in outgassing chemistries such as SPM, SC1 and SC2 ensures the stable processing conditions needed for the high CpK results demanded at advanced technology nodes.

Platform: Torrento filters are available in cartridge and disposable formats to accommodate installation flexibility and upgrades. The disposable filter eliminates operator handling of the filter element, further minimizing contamination risk. The disposable design also reduces the potential operator exposure to chemicals during installation and disposal.

Availability: October 2007 onwards.


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