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New Product: Crossing Automation enhances Spartan EFEM with 450 wafers per hour (wph) throughput

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Crossing Automation enhances Spartan EFEM with 450 wafers per hour (wph) throughputProduct Briefing Outline: Crossing Automation has announced that it has improved its Spartan equipment front end module (EFEM) performance, enabling it to achieve 450 wafers per hour (wph) throughput. By upgrading Spartan’s production-proven software algorithms for wafer move paths, Crossing Automation now has the highest throughput capability of any commercially available EFEM, while maintaining Spartan’s established reliability and cleanliness performance.

Problem: Maximizing tool throughput delivers a critical competitive advantage for tool suppliers while lowering tool cost of ownership for IC manufacturers. This is especially important for tools that have the process capability to achieve hundreds of wafers per hour throughput, but were limited by the available atmospheric robotic technologies.

Solution: The improved design was undertaken to address the requirements of high throughput semiconductor manufacturing processes such as strip/ash, clean and ion implant. The improved Spartan EFEM enables 100 percent process tool utilization due to its patented wafer engine atmospheric robot which offers the fastest available wafer exchange time of less than 2.5 seconds. Upgrading Spartan’s software algorithms for wafer move paths enabled it to achieve 450 wafers per hour (wph) throughput.

Applications: Semiconductor equipment front end module wafer handling interface systems

Platform: The improved Spartan EFEM has been qualified by a leading strip equipment supplier and demonstrated a 20 percent increase in throughput over currently implemented EFEM technology. The production proven Spartan platform has an installed base of over 1,000 units and demonstrated 99 percent uptime.

March 2010 onwards.

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