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New Product: BOC Edwards aims HELIOS 6 at high-flow gas abatement requirements

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BOCProduct Briefing Outline: BOC Edwards has introduced the ‘HELIOS 6' gas abatement solution that uses its unique inward-fired combustion technology for high hydrogen flow processes, such as Si and SiGe epitaxy, LPCVD tungsten and compound semiconductor MOCVD. Both the HELIOS product line and the proprietary inward-fired combustor technology that it incorporates are well-established industry standards. BOC Edwards has installed hundreds of HELIOS systems and thousands of combustors worldwide.

Problem: In order to cleanly combust high flows of hydrogen, an excess of air must be supplied to the combustor. If not then high levels of CO, un-burnt hydrocarbons or even un-burnt hydrogen may be emitted from the combustor. It must be supplied in a manner that ensures that the hydrogen process gas will not cause flashbacks. The variation in flows of hydrogen can also severely limit both the efficiency and cleanliness of combustion.

Solution: By adding air via an annulus to the nozzles the air only mixes with the hydrogen during combustion. During periods when high flows of hydrogen are not flowing the excess air must be stopped in order not to extinguish the combustor. The unique control mechanism ensures that efficiency is not compromised either with or without hydrogen flowing. With six inlets for process gases, plus an additional inlet for gas box purges or other ancillary operations, the Helios 6 gas abatement solution can accommodate higher flow levels and more gas inlets, which the company claims can substantially lower the overall cost of ownership. High fuel efficiency and no requirement for compressed air contribute additional cost savings when compared to alternative technologies.

Applications: Designed to handle both toxic and carrier gases from Low Pressure Epitaxy and MOCVD.

Platform: HELIOS 6 gas abatement solution, which can reduce hydrogen concentrations below the lower explosive limit (LEL) in flows as high as 200 slm, is available now on the standard HELIOS platform. The six-inlet head design will also be available on BOC Edwards' line of ATLAS gas abatement products in the future.

Availability: May 2007 onwards.


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