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New Product: Axcelis‚?? Optima XE offers 10keV to 4MeV energy range for widest application range

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AxcelisProduct Briefing Outline: Axcelis Technologies has launched the Optima XE high-energy ion implanter, the final component of Axcelis’ Optima single wafer suite of tools, which provides a complete range of energy levels from 10keV to 4MeV. In particular, the Optima XE is designed to provide a broad energy range to perform all isolation and retrograde well implants for advanced devices. With its new single wafer endstation, it can also perform medium current implants.

Problem: As advanced technologies evolve, device manufacturers require tighter control of beam-to-wafer incident angle and overall contamination. In manufacturing, ion implanters carry a high Cost of Ownership, requiring next-generation tools to have greater productivity at lower cost due to IC device pricing pressures. Fabs cannot afford to absorb unplanned downtime, and must achieve high equipment utilization.

Solution: The Optima XE uses Axcelis' production-proven RF Linac high-energy spot beam technology, ensuring that all points across the wafer see the same beam at the same angle, resulting in improved process control and yields. To meet CoO targets, the system has a throughput of up to 400 wafers/hour, which is due in part to its claim of having the widest single-charge operating range. Optima XE also combines Axcelis' RF Linac high-energy spot beam technology with a high-speed, state-of-the-art single wafer endstation capable of significantly improved throughput. The industry’s increasing reliance on foundry production requires foundry fabs to be more flexible to accommodate a larger mix of products. The Optima XE provides extraordinary flexibility, covering a wide range of energy levels from 10keV to 4MeV.

Applications: High-energy applications that include isolation and retrograde well implants for DRAM, NAND and NOR FLASH, embedded memory and logic device manufacturing.

Platform: The Optima XE combines Axcelis’ production-proven RF Linac high-energy spot beam technology with a high-speed, state-of-the-art single wafer endstation.

Availability: January 2008 onwards.


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