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New Product: ATMI‚??s RegenSi wafer reclaim offers shorter etch times for 300mm wafers

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ATMIProduct Briefing Outline: ATMI has introduced a new product line for 300mm wafer reclaim applications called ‘RegenSi Wafer Reclaim Solutions.' ATMI's formulas are designed for dielectric removal and are semi-aqueous, fluoride-based solutions with low viscosity, and are therefore easily rinsed with water. They are designed to work with either batch or single wafer spray tools.

Problem: The increasing use of 300mm wafers has accelerated the need for a cost effective method of efficiently reclaiming test wafers and reworking product wafers.
ATMI claims that its new etching formulas can reduce wafer reclaim processing costs by as much as 30 percent, which could generate savings of several million U.S. dollars per year and reduce the required level of test wafers.

Solution: ATMI's RegenSi product line is primarily focused on the dielectric removal process, and offers a number of very important benefits. The composition of these products as semi-aqueous, fluoride-based solutions with low viscosity means that they are responsive to rinsing with water. While some wafer reclaim processes rely on etching the dielectric through undercut and liftoff, ATMI's formulations use dissolution as the physical means of dielectric removal, which typically results in a shorter etch processing time. ATMI's RegenSi Wafer Reclaim Solutions products produce a highly selective dielectric etch, which does not result in significant pitting or roughening of the Si wafer substrate surface, thereby potentially eliminating or reducing the need for wafer surface planarization following the dielectric etch.

Applications: Wafer Reclaim, TEOS, OSG: Coral™, Black Diamond™,
Aurora™, FSG, SiN, TiN, TaN  Metals: Cu, Al, Ta, Ti. Also backside and bevel edge cleaning and product wafer rework.

Platform: The products are recommended for use in either batch or single wafer spray applications. Brush scrubbing is not recommended with this product. RegenSi 31 is the baseline wafer reclaim product. ATMI also offers a variety of specialized products tuned to various customer needs. The selection of the optimum product is determined by the type of dielectric to be etched, and by the operating parameters that are most desired for the etch requirements. Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon containers.

Availability: March 2007 onwards.


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