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New Product: ATMI launches dedicated copper chemistry solution for 45nm processes

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ATMIProduct Briefing Outline: ATMI has introduced a new copper electrochemical deposition process for producing semiconductor chips with advanced copper interconnects in partnership with Enthone and Novellus Systems. The new chemistry and process were developed for Novellus Systems' SABRE tool for the 45nm process node. The ATMI-Enthone ‘Viaform Extreme' process is claimed to offer significant enhancements that meet stringent performance requirements for low defect rates, uniformity, and electrical performance.  The chemistry and associated processes have been validated at leading semiconductor manufacturers, according to the companies.

Initially, the industry saw the need for only two organic components - a suppressor and an accelerator - in the plating solution in order to achieve void-free deposition. Enthone discovered that adding a third component - a leveler - reduced mounding over high-density features and produced a markedly more planar surface. However, continued development has been required to produce void-free deep aspect ratio trench filling which is increasingly susceptible to impurities. Improving stress migration, electro-migration, and the speed of bottom-up fill has also become more challenging.

Solution: ATMI-Enthone's Viaform Extreme process is claimed to offer significant enhancements that meet stringent performance requirements for low defect rates, uniformity, and electrical performance for the 45nm technology node and below with high reliability. By altering the chemistry of the proprietary organic polymers in the acid copper plating solution, ATMI and Enthone were able to manipulate the properties of the resulting film to meet the individual parameters set by different chip manufacturers.

Applications: Copper interconnects at the 45nm node.

ViaForm chemistry is produced in Enthone's high volume manufacturing (HVM) facility and applications laboratories based in Connecticut USA. The HVM exceeds Class 1000 packaging requirements and features computer integrated manufacturing, including on-line particle count, fully automated and enclosed chemical distribution, and dedicated processing streams. ViaForm chemistry is exclusively marketed and distributed worldwide by ATMI and used exclusively on Novellus' SABRE and SABRE Extreme ECD platforms.

July 2006 onwards.

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