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New Product: Asyst addresses tool data streams with dynamic data connection

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Product Briefing Outline: Asyst Technologies has announced the introduction of its Factory Data Integration Manager (FDIM). FDIM offers fab engineers a dynamic, adaptable interface for tool data access that overcomes the difficulties often experienced when implementing data collection using existing station controller technologies.

Problem: Current fab-level applications such as advanced process control and integrated yield management rely on data streams directly from station controllers. These connections are not agile, which makes it difficult to implement changes as data collection needs shift in the fab.  With fabs moving toward high-product-mix manufacturing, the need for data on demand will continue to increase. The ability to locally define data collection needs dynamically in light of changing production requirements justifies implementing FDIM on a site-wide basis, according to Asyst.

Solution: FDIM addresses these issues by providing dynamic data connection directly from production equipment, supporting the need for data on demand as required by fab level applications, enabling real-time manufacturing process improvements. FDIM provides data on demand to any fab-level application without requiring changes to these existing applications. This preserves investments already made so that implementation costs are minimized, as is risk. With FDIM, data collection requirements can be configured offline by process and equipment engineers, or by fab-level applications via requests sent to the FDIM. In both cases, the communication protocol is hidden and does not require any configuration by the user, according to Asyst.

Applications: 300mm fabs implementing e-manufacturing protocols.

Platform: FDIM is a critical component of Asyst's factory-keyed equipment concept, in which all manufacturing tools are enabled to provide data on demand, enhancing effective data management and process control. When implementing factory-keyed-equipment solutions, FDIM and Asyst's FastFA thin client station controller reside at the tool level, replacing the traditional thick client station controller found in a three-tier fab automation architecture. FDIM with the Asyst FastFA framework makes tools fully configurable at the operations level, simplifying IC manufacturers' normal processing and exception handling.

Availability: July 2007 onwards.

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