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New Product: AP&S produces flexible wet bench with plug & run capability

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AP&SProduct Briefing Outline: AP&S GmbH has launched its 2006 ‘MultiStep' automated wet bench. The platform, covers all applications for wet etching, layer thinning, surface cleaning and layer stripping of various materials and is claimed to offer a small footprint coupled to user-friendliness and reliability.

Wet benches continue to be a workhorse within fabs through to 300mm facilities and therefore require constantly improved cost of ownership that can be translated into efficient footprints, application diversity in an automated and easy to change and operate manner. Overall high reliability (MTBF) is required with minimal maintenance and high uptime.

With an extremely user-friendly handling for installation, set-up and implementation into the existing product line the MultiStep is a "Plug & Run" unit, that can start production within one week from shipment, is claimed by the company. Even technicians without dedicated wet process knowledge can do the installation of the equipment after a short introduction. That saves resources such as manpower and money and ensures best Cost of Ownership benefits.

Applications: Wet etching, layer thinning, surface cleaning and layer stripping for all wafer sizes from 50 up to 300mm. 

Platform: Due to the flexible design and the innovative robot handling that covers several wafer sizes without any hardware change, the MultiStep is suitable for common wafer or substrate sizes from 50 to 300mm. As an example the automated wet bench model for 200mm substrates is reduced to a minimum of size: In a 3000mm x 1640mm x 1800mm package (l x d x h) the MultiStep covers all high-tech functionalities such as drying of the substrates via the ‘heart' of the equipment, the fully integrated, patented ‘AeroSonic' Dry technology. MultiStep fulfills all required SEMI, FM & CE standards. It is available in tailor-made configurations for the process of materials with rough structures up to high-end substrates.

Availability: April 2006 onwards.

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