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New Product: Applied Materials upgrades Endura CuBS PVD system for 32-22nm deposition

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Applied ‘Endura CuBS RFX’ PVD systemProduct Briefing Outline: Applied Materials, has launched its Applied ‘Endura CuBS RFX’ PVD system, designed for copper barrier/seed deposition and qualified for 32 and 22nm production by logic and flash memory manufacturers. The system sequentially deposits the Ta(N)/Ta barrier followed by the Cu seed layer under high-vacuum conditions. Integration of the complete sequence, including the Applied’s Aktiv Preclean [chamber or process], on the Endura platform is said to improve film adhesion and oxide-free interfaces, while preserving k-value integrity for low via resistance and high device reliability.

Problem: Effective barrier and seed layer deposition is critical to assuring the speed and reliability of copper interconnects, since it prevents copper diffusion and provides a quality nucleation layer for subsequent bulk copper fill.

Solution: Key to the new Endura CuBS RFX system’s high performance is its new ‘EnCoRe’ II RFX Cu seed process chamber. The chamber enables customers to lower barrier thickness for line resistance scaling to the 3x/2x nodes while maintaining required electromigration and stress migration performance through improved bottom and sidewall coverage. For the Cu seed layer, the EnCoRe II RFX Cu chamber employs magnetron motion, flux control, and a high re-sputter ratio regime to further enhance conformal coverage. These technologies overcome gap fill extendibility issues (e.g., end-of-line voids at the wafer edge or post-CMP defects) on aggressive dual damascene and trench features and extend the ECP (electrochemical plating) fill window.
Employing a novel magnetron trajectory and a proprietary ion flux control system to enhance film coverage and morphology, the process delivers smooth, continuous seed layers for void-free copper gap fill and optimized device reliability.

Applications: Deposition of Ta(N)/Ta barrier followed by the Cu seed layer for 32 and 22nm geometries.

Platform: Endura platform and based on the Endura CuBS PVD system, launched in 1997.

Availability: June 2009 onwards.

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