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New Product: Applied Materials offers BLOk II PECVD system for barrier films at 45nm and below

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AMATProduct Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has introduced the ‘Applied Producer BLOk' II PECVD, a new system designed for advanced barrier low-k technology at the 45nm node and for use in 32nm R&D. Used in conjunction with Black Diamond (R) low-k films, the BLOk II barrier film is claimed to reduce the effective k-value of the interconnect dielectric stack by up to 10%. A critical in situ pre-clean treatment provides a 30% higher electromigration resistance than competing barrier technologies, according to the company.

Problem: Successful implementation of copper/low-k interconnects depends upon a fully compatible materials and process flow that provides high yields and good electrical properties after integration. Integration requires effective CuO removal for adhesion of the dielectric barrier material to Cu with tightly controlled dielectric-to-dielectric interfaces to prevent de-lamination during the CMP and packaging processes.

Solution: BLOk film provides a next-generation CVD low-k solution for copper barrier, hardmask and etch stop applications, enabling chipmakers to further reduce the dielectric constant of their overall copper damascene structures. Each wafer undergoes a patented in-situ copper oxide removal process prior to BLOk deposition, ensuring excellent adhesion to copper and superior electromigration performance, the company claims. BLOk films enable a reduction in the capacitance of the dielectric film stack, while maintaining etch selectivity and electrical performance, for continued RC scaling. Surface preparation and initiation layer processes enable BLOk II to be integrated with Black Diamond and BD II films, ensuring a smooth generational transition for 45nm-and-beyond devices, according to the company.

Applications: Copper/low-k barrier film process steps.

Platform: The Producer single-wafer family of products has a unique platform architecture that features a central transfer chamber mounted with up to three twin chamber modules. Wafers are transferred in pairs to each chamber module, allowing up to six wafers to be processed simultaneously.

Availability: June 2007 onwards.


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