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New Product: Applied Materials offer 40 percent greater throughput with ‚??UVision 3‚?? inspection t

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AMATProduct Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has launched the Applied ‘UVision 3’ DUV Brightfield wafer inspection tool for FEOL critical-defect detection sensitivity required for the 45nm node using immersion lithography. This next-generation system is claimed to have triple the number of laser beams scanning the wafer to provide 40 percent faster throughput than any competitive system. Two new imaging modes extend sensitivity to 20nm, and a new flexible automatic defect classification engine enables quick access to defects of interest and faster yield learning, according to the company.

Problem: The UVision 3 system's multi-beam DUV laser architecture allows extendibility beyond the resolution limits of traditional optical inspection. Leading-edge memory and immersion lithography manufacturers can run volume production at engineering tool sensitivity with a shorter cycle time to generate meaningful data, according to the company.

Solution: A major departure from traditional lamp-based products, the UVision 3 inspection system utilizes innovative DUV laser 3D Brightfield inspection technology. It combines multi-beam DUV laser illumination, full laser polarization control, simultaneous Brightfield and 3D imaging, and highly-sensitive photo-multiplier tube (PMT) detection.  New Brightfield imaging modes, both in the illumination and collection path, address the contrast versatility required for immersion lithography. In addition, the system's innovative algorithms of high defect accuracy and stitch-to-stitch detection enable enhanced sensitivity on periphery areas, a key advantage not addressed by any other Brightfield system, the company claims.

Applications: 45nm volume production FEOL and 32nm memory development.

Platform: New features in UVision 3 include: imaging modes in the illumination and collection path which address the contrast versatility required for periphery areas; innovative algorithms of high defect accuracy and stitch-to-stitch detection enable enhanced sensitivity on edge of array and on high-end devices; dual screen configuration with High Resolution Review, which minimizes SEM review time; and new automatic classification capabilities are claimed to provide quick access to defect-of-interest to reduce yield learning cycle. Additionally, UVision 3’s proprietary ActiveScan technique dynamically compensates for process and color variations within and across wafers.

Availability: November 2007 onwards.

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