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New Product: AE‚??s Paramount RF-power delivery system has network analyzer type accuracy

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Advanced EnergyProduct Briefing Outline: Advanced Energy Industries has introduced its latest power platform: the ‘Paramount' RF-power delivery system. A key aspect of the new platform is power-delivery accuracy and control for increasingly complex film stacks and fine feature sizes. The 3kW Paramount system is well suited for both etch and deposition processes in semiconductor, FPD, MEMS and solar photovoltaic manufacturing.

Problem: Next-generation device fabrication processes feature anti-reflective coatings, hard masks, cap layers and stop layers in their recipes. Process designers must account for these layers while at the same time accurately etch or deposit the primary layer that may comprise multiple compositions and doping profiles.

Solution: The Paramount platform has been engineered to accommodates these complexities with ultra-accurate power control and delivery across the full output range - both on and off 50 ohm - for seamless process transitions in etch, strip, PECVD, HDP-CVD, PVD and PEALD. Where pulsing is required to enable next-generation process steps, the Paramount system's optional pulse and pulse synchronization features offer the widest pulse-frequency range available, according to the company. The system is able to keep pace - in real time - with the most abrupt plasma-impedance changes, and therefore enables faster transitions, shorter process steps and reduced process times. Optional frequency tuning is performed virtually instantaneously (within msec) -  faster than for any other product on the market.

Applications: Etch, strip, PECVD, HDP-CVD, PVD and PEALD.

Platform: This half-rack, 3kW RF power supply's impedance measurement is claimed to rival the accuracy of a network analyzer, enabling improved power delivery accuracy and control at 13.56 MHz fixed or variable frequencies. It is claimed to have accuracy, repeatability and process control for 50 ohm and non-50 ohm loads.

Availability: July 2007 onwards.

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